Review: Red Army Tank Commanders

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Review: Red Army Tank Commanders

Post by Marcus » 03 Aug 2008 15:08

A review of "Red Army Tank Commanders: The Armored Guards" by Richard N. Armstrong has been added to the site. ... commanders

btw. The idea with these threads are to encourage discussions on the books reviewed so they can be an addition to the reviews on the site.


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Re: Review: Red Army Tank Commanders

Post by Cult Icon » 27 Dec 2014 23:44

I enjoyed reading this book a while ago, and I consider it a must-read. Sadly, there is little else available on this genre in english.

It focuses on the command character and battle experiences of six RKKA Tank army generals. It is not as in-depth technically as I would like but it establishes a base of understanding to otherwise faceless men.

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