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Mark C. Yerger
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Reader topic wants ?

Post by Mark C. Yerger » 16 Apr 2002 19:02

I'm curious what books, despite all those done, readers want to see written. A lot of projects depend on available material sources. I've seen parts of some fantastic works that authors feel nobody would have interest in if published.


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Andy H
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Post by Andy H » 16 Apr 2002 19:17

It's like a wish list for Christmas this:-

8O More German Divisional histories (Not just the glory boy units) in English

A decent set of books again English about the various Axis armies on the Eastern front.

More Russian publications again translated into English to give us a more balanced picture of the fighting on the Eastern Front.

Also more online information available from the main historical centre's and museum's.

Finally the ability to be fluent in both German & Russian :D

From the Shires

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Post by Marcus » 16 Apr 2002 19:35

There are so many things I would like to see covered in English, a few examples follow:

Detailed histories and organisational overviews (or specialized studies on some aspect) of
* SA
* Allgemeine-SS
* Police (and related organisations)
* Stahlhelm
* OT

Translations of more unit histories (not only Heer, but all branches), in particular the less known.

More on Germany's allies and collaboration forces (both paramilitary and political), everything from overviews to specialized studies of particular units or things such as uniforms.


Mark C. Yerger
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Post by Mark C. Yerger » 16 Apr 2002 20:39


There is a large Orp book in final stages by 2 author friends of mine, should have most details needed. I did an Allgemeine-SS book that has some data in that area. I've seen Stahlhelm texts in books but have none, good ones on the Freikorps exist.

I agree on the others and add myself to topics wanted

SA Generals
SA units
Paramilitary and political senior commanders (RLB, NSDAP, NSKK, NSFK)
Better books on various KM surface ships


Rob - wssob2
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topics to cover

Post by Rob - wssob2 » 16 Apr 2002 20:43

I'd like to see more unformation in English on

a) Luftwaffe Field Divisions
b) Unit history for the Kommandostab-RFSS
c) the NSKK
d) the SS legal system
e) overview of the role of the Orpo during WWII
f) Flak Divisions
g) Security Divisions

This is just what I can think of off the top of my head. cheers - Rob

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Post by Erich » 16 Apr 2002 21:26

Marcus :

I think you will find some new Luftwaffe titles to your liking, and hopefully these will not just be one-sided, German or Allied but will include both opinions on how it really was.

Flak divisions sounds about including for once aerials claims and also ground claims and not just the books that seem to cover individual kompanie's although they are of interest.

I do know Mark is continuing his series on the Das Reich Division which is think is marvelous, so if he can continue on the battlaion and kompanie level this would be great.

I would love to see another Fallshirm division covered in English with all the level break downs and individual accounts done in detail.


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Al Carter
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78th Sturm-Division

Post by Al Carter » 16 Apr 2002 21:40

The divisional history of the 78th Sturm-Division in English.

A detailed atlas of the various fronts of WWII, showing to divisonal level at various dates, and to regimental level and lower for some specific battles. If the operational maps could be compiled in to atlas form.

The set of Totenkopf divisional histories translated into English.

Alot more that I will think of when I need them...

Al Carter

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Post by Thorfinn » 16 Apr 2002 21:54

I would like to have the following books.

1. A comprehensive historical atlas that covers the Second Reich, the Third Reich, occupied Germany, and modern Germany. It should have many large size, high quality historical maps, as well as newly created maps. There should be maps that show ethnic, as well as political divisions.

2. A comprehensive book about the Allies, in reference to their unhonorable war actions. It should center on the Allied actions of WWII (Dresden, Nukes, ethnic cleansing, sinking of French warships in Algeria, occupation, ect.), but it should also include an overview (pre and post WWII) of the unhonorable military history of the Allied nations.

3. A comprehensive book about the ethnic cleansing of Germans after WWII (Banat, Sudetenland, East Germany, ect.), with a reference about the treatment and dispersion of Germans before WWII. It should also include information about the current state of Germans outside of Germany (and Germans in Germany that are descended from the East, and their desire to get their homes back), and their lack of self determination since WWII.

4. A comprehensive book about nonWhite soldiers that served the Third Reich.

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German army medics and Red Cross history.

Post by pdhinkle36ID » 16 Apr 2002 22:40

I know the medics and doctors were regular army personnel, and nurses were Red Cross.

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i would like to see...

Post by kobold » 16 Apr 2002 22:47

1 big wish: cdrom/ dvdrom of world / europe map with day by day (or week by week) border changes reflecting the movement of troops across the battle fields.
The ability to track a unit on the map as the war progresses, with lots of statistics ie casualty figures etc (if available).

2 more books about the 3rd reich in english (I can't read german like most of my fellow lazy brits).

3 Online databases - not just for 3rd reich officers and men - but allies also, with good search functions and linked to other databases.

4 A good "beginers guide" to researching !!!!!
(I am still trying to find more about Dr Herbert Zeder)...

5 Lower prices for some of the research material available.
I have seen some nice looking books and cd roms etc but the price is way beyond my price range (i am unemployed).
I realise that these items have taken their authors a lot of hard work and time to put together, and that they are really for serious historians / researchers, but damnit im not either - just a very financially-poor amateur (who will have to do without, but who would enjoy browsing just out of interest)....
(If you have ever browsed through something like the UK census records for the late 1800's you will know how fasciinating old records can be).


Mark C. Yerger
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Post by Mark C. Yerger » 17 Apr 2002 00:56


I've seen flyers for a detailed cartographic history of German units by area, very expensive but large format. Its up to vol. 5, series title is "Zweite Weltkrieg im Kartenbild" by Klau-Jürgen Thies. 12 x 16 1/2 format, all color maps:

vol 1 : Poland
2: Denmark and Norway
3: Western Campaign May-June 1940
4: Balkans and Crete
5: Russia part 1
Prices are $75 to $175 each in the US.

A Kommandostab "RFSS" history is feasible with available records. As an obscure unit, the books ability to pay for itself (in a publisher's mind) is questionable. The worst selling book I wote was "Riding East", despite the fact its the only history of the SS Cavalry Brigade and contains a lot of data, due to being an obscure unit. Certain units and topics sell, others don't. I never understood why so many books sell on Tiger tanks, they're were not a numerical factor weapon and how much can be said about less than 1600 vehicles (apologies to Tiger fans). Meanwhile, the mainstay, Pz IV, has barely received author notice.

A study of Vietnam crimes in the field has been researched by a US author, but have heard of nothing on similar WWII events.

Most important: anyone who has done a book will tell you publishers determine cost (not the author). If you saw the payment checks from a publisher for the author, compared to what publisher gets, you would wonder why anyone would want to write a book. It sure doesn't make you rich, and never even pays for the time involved alone (aside from material/research costs). If I tried to live on what I made writing books, I'd be living in the forest eating bushes.


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Vets stories

Post by admfisher » 17 Apr 2002 02:36

How about more first hand accounts of battles by vets.
The book SAR South Alberta Regiment was great. It took you with the boys from training to finish. At the end of the book you came away with more first hand accounts than I have gotten from many books.

Panzer Commander was a wonderful book, so I guess this falls into my catagory also.

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Post by MICHAELM82 » 17 Apr 2002 05:39

...I would like to see english books on:


*16 SS PZ.GRE.DIV Reichsfuhrer SS


*BIOS of Fritz Witt and Max Wunsche

*sSS Panzer Abteilung Histories

Michael 8)

Gwynn Compton
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Post by Gwynn Compton » 17 Apr 2002 11:25

My aim in my academic studies is to write the definative study of the Ostfront, 1941-45. But I'd also like to do a book following the trail of my grandfather who fought in Greece, Crete, Egypt, North Africa and Italy.

As for books I'd like to see, well, there are far too many to list.

If anyone here is interested in a co-author, I'm always avaliable :)

Homer martin
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Hi Mark

Post by Homer martin » 17 Apr 2002 12:29

I would like to see a number of Russian books translated into English. I will be in Russia for three months in the summer of 2003 and have a number of good works I will be looking for in Moscow and St Petersburg.
I also would like to see more German books translated also.

Other items I would like to see:
A Book on Stalingrad day by day, with a good map of the city with street names.
A book on the 2nd battalion 28th Marines, just like the one on the 1st battalion.


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