Review: A Child of Hitler

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Review: A Child of Hitler

Post by sniper1shot » 10 Jan 2010 04:05

Title: A Child of Hitler
Authour: Alfons Heck
Publisher: Renaissance House
ISBN: 9-939650-44-4 (paperback)
Stars: 4.5
(Out of 5)

Well Happy New Year everyone. Hopefully 2010 will be as interesting as '09. Here is my first book review for the new year.
This book is a biography of a member of the Hitler Youth through the war. He stays through the whole Hitler Youth organization which makes it a very interesting story.
There are 11 chapters that take the reader through growing up in Small/Medium city Germany and watching the rise of Hitler. Growing up in a typical family he describes his relationship w/his parents and grandparents with who raises him. Joining the Luft side of the Hitler Youth he gets to go through the ranks of a cadet pilot and describes what it was like earning the qualifications of the glider schools. Later, as the war progresses he does not get to pilot fighters but ends up in charge of bigger bodies of Hitler Youth as they dig tank ditches.
There is a memorable, surprise, meeting w/Hitler and being witness to an execution later on that adds to the biography. I liked the book as it comes across as a no holds barred story. Told in a matter of fact way. There are pictures throughout from private collection and from both the allied and German side.
A very personal biography on an organization that does not have too many stories.

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