Review: White Mammoths

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Review: White Mammoths

Post by sniper1shot » 10 Jan 2010 05:38

Title: White Mammoths
Author: Alexander Poliakov
Publisher: E.P. Dutton & Co, Inc (1943 1st Ed)
ISBN: None
Stars: 3
(out of 5)

This book was written by a Russian, about Russian tanker soldiers, during WWII and that must be remembered when reading. The authour is a tank man and through the 17 chapters describes from when they received their tanks, KV's, right on up to combat with the Germans. He describes working with the factory workmen to finish the tanks and the run up training, train travel to the front, and then the combat.
As this book progresses through their battles he does describe losing friends and tanks due to combat but one does get the feeling that they are no longer in awe of the German forces and feel (know) they will eventually win.
Some of the chapters bring home the soldiers feelings when they "capture/liberate" a pet dog from the Germans. The book does have pictures through out but 99% of them have been seen in other publications and though the book is on KV's the pictures are both KV and T34's. Though the authour dies during the war this book just ends. Ends after they capture a town.
This book is a war time publication and is no different from any other country making their forces seem that much more stronger than the enemy they are fighting.

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