Wanted: Links to original texts, diaries

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Wanted: Links to original texts, diaries

Post by Pumpkin » 20 Apr 2002 13:39

I'd very much value weblinks to orginial sources (or scanned books via email)! Especially diaries of German leaders or soldiers.

Are Goebbel's diaries available online? I bought a copy of his entire diaries, or so I thought, but that paper back edition was heavily censored! 8O I've read a copy of his "last notes" from March and April 1945, which were published decades ago. Comparing with the corresponding months, it's obvious that Goebbels comments on the motives of the allies, the attrocities of the city bombings and his thoughts on the extent of treason among German militaries, are systematically missing in the edition of his "complete diary"!!! :x

Is Himmler's diary public yet?

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