Joachim Peiper by Jens Westemeier A Review

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Re: Joachim Peiper by Jens Westemeier A Review

Post by krichter33 » 24 Feb 2014 01:54

Comic asides do nothing but show the poster's own bias. I'm anything but a "Peiper fan." I acknowledge full well all the atrocities committed by the WSS, and am the last to hail everything they did as glorious, all I desire is straightforward professionalism in the history I read. While some of the Agte fans might prefer a whitewash, the Westemeier "fanboys" prefer a complete negative tabloid. Each of these camps are as guilty of selective hearing as the next. Yes, Peiper was a war criminal and a Nazi, but that doesn't excuse an author's complete vitriolic bias towards a subject. Nothing is black and white in life, and the REAL professional historian would include all aspects of the individuals life, whether or not it's negative, and yes, positive. Westemeier's first book did nothing at all like this, and serves more as a warning to historians of what happens when great research is corrupted by personal vitriol. Both Agte and Westemeier are guilty of the same historical crimes, and in this respect are no different than the other. That is why I hope that a Phd thesis will at least have the appearance of professionalism. After reading most of Parker's work, I know it can be done....surprising enough, as they were research partners.

John P. Moore
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Re: Joachim Peiper by Jens Westemeier A Review

Post by John P. Moore » 25 Feb 2014 00:50

I am in complete agreement with Krichter33's comments. The criminal offenses of Peiper were well-documented in Westemeier's 2007 Peiper book. It is unfortunate that the presentation of the evidence against Peiper was delivered in the manner that it was. After recently re-reading this book I found several chapters that appeared to have the more neutral writing style of Danny Parker.

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Re: Joachim Peiper by Jens Westemeier A Review

Post by clausewitz12345 » 22 May 2021 11:07

bigun6605 wrote:
21 Nov 2010 18:21
Excuse me folks...

Jens Westemeier has produced a tremendous account of Joachim Peiper. He has convinced me of Peiper's culpability and responsiblity for his (and his) units actions. As a former serving US Army officer I know only too well that a military commander is responsible for EVERYTHING HIS TROOPS DO OR FAIL TO DO. For example, the Japanese general who ordered the Batan Death March, had his headquarters only 500 meters from the march formation. In the War Crimes trial this was judged significantly close to observe his troops behavior. How far was Peiper from the massacre site? Close enough I think.

Also two additional sources from Col Westemeier book are typical. When the American forces demanded an explanation from the German government about Malmady, a rather tepid response came back from the 1st LLSAH. Second when Dr Klink (p 198) was attempting to write a biography of Peiper, he gave up. The facts were overwhealming that no sympathic account could be written of this officer.

My two cents worth

Al Cagle
As a retired Danish Army officer I totally agree with your views on a commanders resposibilities and also your judgement of Westemeiers work as a historian (MA) myself. Westemeiers work is outstanding.

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