Review of "The Cinderella Service RAF Costal Command"

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Review of "The Cinderella Service RAF Costal Command"

Post by Charles78 » 23 Nov 2010 17:26

RAF Coastal Command was the red-headed stepchild of the British military in World War Two. Its primary function was patrolling the waters off the coast of the United Kingdom, providing air cover for convoys, sinking U-Boats, and attacking German aircraft trying to attack Allied convoys. This was quite a big job although the Command did not receive these responsibilities all at once. Because all of their responsibilities involved coordination with the Royal Navy, Coastal Command was placed under the tactical command of the Royal Navy while maintaining its status as part of the RAF.

In terms of priority for aircraft, crew, bases et al, Coastal Command was always "second cab off the rank" to use a wonderful English expression. The reason? Military planners in the 1930s throughout Western Europe and the United States never anticipated how dangerous aircraft would become to ships. No one thought that aircraft would play a key role in the defeat of the German U-Boats. In the first years of the war Coastal Command received old aircraft no longer suitable for frontline service. In essence, hand-me-downs, hence the nickname, "the Cinderella Service."

German U-Boat command had not given much thought to air attack on their boats either. This proved to be a fatal error: half of all U-Boats sunk in WW Two were sunk by aircraft. If you examine photographs of Type VII boats, the first U-Boats built for war time service, you will note the paucity of anti-aircraft armament.

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