Berlin: The Downfall 1945

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David C. Clarke
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Superb TL!!

Post by David C. Clarke » 28 Apr 2002 17:15

Really Superb of you to take the time and trouble of giving me this information. You have my thanks and gratitude. I was very anxious about what new information would appear on these two divisions, but I see that, apparently, Beevor hasn't covered Muncheburg as well as LeTissier in "Zhukov at the Oder" but has covered Kurmarck better. So now I'll sit and wait for the American release of the book. Thanks Again!!
Very Best Regards, David :D :D :D

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Post by Marcus » 28 Apr 2002 17:30


According to Beevors site, it will be released 13 May in the US.


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Post by HaEn » 29 Apr 2002 04:24

>>There was also one other thing that got me thinking. Beevor also said that it was Himmler, who "devised" the SS-slogan Unsere Ehre heisst Treue, however, I seem to recall that it was Hitler who used the above words when he referred to the SS in a speech somewhere... Did Himmler pick it up from there, or do we have yet another inaccuracy? <<

It was NOT "UNSERE Ehre heisst Treue". but "MEINE Ehre heisst Treue".
Just a slight correction. Gr. HN.

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Meine Ehre Heisst Treue (slightly off-topic)

Post by TL » 29 Apr 2002 11:35

Hello HaEn,

Well the problem that I have with the origin of the above motto is that from what I've heard it was coined by Hitler. You are quite right to point out that the actual text on the SS beltbuckles etc. was Meine Ehre heisst Treue, however, it was good old Beevor that quoted Himmler who was said to have used Unsere Ehre heisst Treue in a speech to refer to himself and the SS as a whole. I remember reading somewhere that in fact it was Hitler and not Himmler who had first used the expression in some speech given to the members of the SS, in that case the form being Deine (my German is a bit rusty, but Hitler was referring to the SS but not himself) Ehre heisst Treue .

Hmm, I guess I got a bit carried away again, but that's how I see it. Any info would be appreciated.



ps. David, no problem at all, it was my pleasure

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