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Book & Author Review Index

Post by Andy H » 08 May 2012 16:28


Listed below are the books & authors that have been reviewed on the AHF by its members, and it doesn't contain links to those threads/posts about reviews done on other sites or by non AHF members. They will found by using the normal AHF search function.
The reviews are listed by author alphabetically, with the associated link to the review itself.
Hopefully this list will enable people to add to the review thread itself and provide a quick reference point on these publications and authors.
You can also check for publications via there subject matter here:

A quick thank you to all those members that have provided a review and to the publishers where appropriate, that have provided a publication for review.

Number of Titles listed so far: 235

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If you have any queries please send me a PM
ABDULIN, Mansur: Red Road from Stalingrad: ... 9&t=114838
ADAMCZYK, Werner: Feuer!
AILSBY, Christopher: Hitler's Renegades.
ANGOLIA, John R & TAYLOR, Hugh Page: Uniforms Organization and History of the German Police: Vol. 2 . ... 9&t=150582
ANNUSSEK, Greg: Hitler's Raid to Save Mussolini (The Most Infamous Commando Operation of World War II).
ANTONIU, Dan & CICOS, George: IAR-80 (The Story of the Romanian Fighter). ... 9&t=140367
ARMSTRONG, Pamela & Young, Ron: Silent Warriors (Submarine wrecks of the UK) Vol3 ... 9&t=191112
ARMSTRONG, Richard N: Red Army Tank Commanders (The Armored Guards). ... 9&t=142306
ATKINSON, Rick: Guns at Last Light. ... 9&t=198068
BALKOSKI, Joseph: Our Tortured Souls (29th US Inf Div Rhineland Nov-Dec'44) ... ember-1944
BARYATINSKIY, Mikhail: T-34 Medium Tank. ... 9&t=135810
BARYATINSKIY, Mikhail: Light tanks: T 27, T 38, BT, T 26, T 40, T 50, T 60, T 70. ... 9&t=110729
BARYATINSKIY, Mikhail: The IS Tanks: IS-1, IS-2, IS-3. ... 9&t=106180
BEER, Hahn & DWORKIN, Susan: The Nazi Officer's Wife. ... 9&t=126892
BELOW, Nicolaus von: At Hitler's Side (The Memoirs of Hitler's Luftwaffe Adjutant). ... 9&t=160679
BELL, Christopher: Churchill and Sea Power. ... 9&t=195665
BEREZHNOY, Roman K: Victims & Victors from Nazi Occupation to the conquest of Germany as seen by a Red Army Soldier . ... 9&t=122258
BERGSTROM, Christer: Graf & Grislawski. ... 9&t=155951
BERGSTROM, Christer: Barbarossa: The Air Battle July-December 1941. ... 9&t=127829
BLOOD, Philip W: Hitler's Bandit Hunters (The SS and the Nazi Occupation of Europe). ... 9&t=122745
BOWMAN, Martin W: US 9th Air Force Bases in Essex 1943-44. ... 9&t=173204
BOYD, Carl & YOSHIDA, Akihiko: The Japanese Submarine Force and World War II. ... 9&t=135617
BRESCIA, Maurizio: Mussolini's Navy. ... 9&t=194584
BROWN, Christopher: Ordinary Men. ... 9&t=103386
BROWN, David K: Atlantic Escorts (Ships, Weapons & Tactics in World War II). ... 9&t=142623
BROWN, Roymond Lamont-: Kamikaze Japan's suicide samurai.
BUDIANSKY, Stephen: Blackett's War (The Men who defeated the Nazi U-Boat) ... rt-warfare
BUTLER, Tony: British Secret Projects, Fighters and Bombers 1935-1950. ... 9&t=150088
BUXTON, Ian: Big Gun Monitors: Design, Construction and Operations 1914-1945. ... 9&t=142624
BYRD, R.W: Once I had a Comrade. ... 9&t=109707
CANWELL, Diane & SUTHERLAND, Jon: Air War Over The Nore( Defending England's North Sea Coast. In World War II) ... 9&t=166473
CARIUS, Otto: Tigers in the Mud.
CARTER, Ian: Coastal Command 1939-1945: Photographs from the Imperial War Museum.
CAVANAGH, William C: The Battle East of Elsenborn and the Twin Villages ... &p=1727128
CERNUSCHI, Enrico & O’HARA, Vincent: Dark Navy (The Regia Marina and the Armistice of 8th September 1943). ... 9&t=160043
CITINO, Robert: The Wehrmacht Retreats-Fighting a Lost War 1943. ... ar-studies
CLARK, Lloyd: The Battle of the Tanks-Kursk 1943 ... kursk-1943
COLLIE, Craig & MAUTANI, Hajime: The Path of Infinite Sorrow (The Japanese on the Kokoda Track). ... 9&t=165494
COLLINS, Michael & KING, Martin: Voices of the Bulge (Untold Stories from Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge). ... 9&t=184831
CORNISH, Nik: Armageddon Ost (The German Defeat on the Eastern Front 1944-45). ... 9&t=108294
CREMER, Peter: U-Boat Commander.
CUPPERS, Martin: Wegbereiter der Shoah (Die Waffen-SS, der Kommandostab Reichsführer-SS und die Judenvernichtung 1939-1945). ... 9&t=155728
CUTLER, Richard: Counterspy: Memoirs of a Counterintelligence Officer in World War Two and the Cold War. ... 9&t=159102
DARLING, Kevin: Fleet Air Arm-Carrier Warfare. ... 9&t=182716
DAVISON, John: The Pacific War Day by Day.
DENY, Isabell: The Fall Of Hitler's Fortress City (The battle for Konigsberg 1945). ... 9&t=174903
DEUTSCH, Harold & SHOWALTER, Dennis: If the Allies Had Fallen: Sixty Alternate Scenarios of World War II. ... 9&t=166994
DRABKIN, Artem: Barbarossa & the Retreat to Moscow. ... 9&t=137084
DRABKIN, Artem & SHEREMET, Oleg: T-34 in Action. ... 9&t=132363
DREA, Edward J: Japan's Imperial Army (It’s Rise and Fall, 1853–1945). ... 9&t=165496
EDWARDS, Bernard: War under The Red Ensign 1914-1918. ... 9&t=173351
EHLERS, Robert S: Targeting the Third Reich: Air Intelligence and the Allied Bombing Campaign. ... 9&t=165574
ELLIS, Frank: The Stalingrad Cauldron (Inside the Encirclement & Destruction of the 6th Army) ... n-6th-army
ENGLE, Eloise & PAANANEN, Lauri: The Winter War -The Soviet attack on Finland 1939-1940. ... 9&t=116256
ENGLISH, John A: Surrender Invites Death. ... 9&t=181957
FENNELL, Jonathon: Combat and Morale in the North African Campaign (The Eighth Army and the path to El Alamein). ... 9&t=185279
FLINTHAM, Vic & THOMAS, Andrew: Combat Codes (of the RAF) ... 9&t=201137
FORD, Ken: Mailed Fist (6th Armoured Division at War).
FORSYTH, Robert & CREEK, Eddie J: Messerschmitt Me 264 Amerikabomber: The Luftwaffe's Lost Transatlantic Bomber. ... 9&t=109174
FORTY, George: Battle for Monte Cassino.
FRANKS, Norman: Buck McNair, Spitfire Ace.
FRENCH, David : Raising Churchill's Army (The British Army and the War against Germany 1919-1945). ... 9&t=125193
FREIDMAN, Norman: British Cruisers (Two World Wars and After) ... 9&t=195567
FRIESEN, Bruno: Panzer Gunner. ... 9&t=178291 ... 9&t=136586
FRIESER, Karl Heinz: The Blitzkrieg Legend: The 1940 Campaign in the West. ... 9&t=101108
FRITZ, Stephen G: Frontsoldaten.
FRITZ. Stephen G: Ostkrieg ... ation-east
GALANTAY, Ervin v: Boy Soldier. ... 9&t=126895
GALLEGOS, Amaru T: Fábrica Nacional de Aviones Caproni Peruana . ... 9&t=176168
GEHLEN, Wilhelm & GREGORY, Don: Jungvolk. ... 9&t=155991
GERSDORFF, Baron Christoph: Soldier in the Download. ... 9&t=193010
GLANTZ, David M: Kharkov 1942 (Anatomy of a military disaster through Soviet eyes). ... 9&t=175489
GOODEN, Brett: Projekt Natter: Last of the Wonder Weapons, The Luftwaffe's Vertical Take-off Rocket Interceptor.
GOODWIN, Michael: Shobun.
GOLDSWORTHY, Terry: Valhalla’s Warriors: A History of the Waffen-SS on the Eastern Front 1941-45. ... 9&t=140754
GOMM, Kevin: Red Sun on The Kangaroo Paw (Japanese Air Raids and Attacks on Western Australia). ... 9&t=168813
GOMM, Kevin: In the Shadow of the Eagle (German raider and U-boat attacks off Western Australia and in the Southern Ocean during World War II). ... 9&t=176771
GORBACHEVSKY, Boris: Through the Maelstrom. ... 9&t=170948
GORDON, David Lyne-: Knight’s Cross: German & Axis Armed Forces 1939-1945 volume XII. ... 9&t=102005
GORRELL, Henry T: Soldier of the Press (Covering the Front in Europe and North Africa, 1936-1943). ... 9&t=167986
GOSS, Chris: Sea Eagles: Luftwaffe Anti-Shipping Units Volume One 1939-1941.
GRAY, Edwyn A: The Killing Time The German U-Boats 1914-1918.
GREEN, Brett: Götterdammerung: Luftwaffe Wrecks and Relics Number 1. ... 9&t=116556
GROSS, Jan & Irena: Golden Harvest. ... 9&t=198069
GURLEY, Franklin L: Into the Dark Mountains. ... 9&t=113051
HARA, Capt. Tameichi: Japanese Destroyer Captain.
HARDING, Stephen: The Last Battle (When US & German soldiers joined forces in WW2) ... -ii-europe
HARGREAVES, Richard: Hitlers Final Fortress Breslau 1945. ... 9&t=195006
HARGREAVES, Richard: Blitzkrieg Unleashed. ... 9&t=137912
HARGREAVES, Richard: The Germans in Normandy. ... 9&t=113218
HECK, Alfons: A Child of Hitler. ... 9&t=161812
HETT, Benjamin Carter: Burning the Reichstag. ... 9&t=205872
HENDRIE, Andrew: The Cinderella Service (RAF Coastal Command 1939-1945). ... 6#p1797406 ... 9&t=172223
HILLS, Stuart: By Tank into Normandy.
HOBBS, David: The British Pacific Fleet (The Royal Navy’s Most Powerful Strike Force). ... 9&t=180461
HOLL, Adelbert: An Infantryman in Stalingrad.
HOLMES, John: Smiles of Fortune (A memoir of the war against Japan 1943 – 45). ... 9&t=148278
HOWARD, Peter: Underwater raid on Tirpitz. ... 9&t=105142
IRWIN, Will: The Jedburghs: The secret history if the Allied Special Forces, France 1944.
HUMPHRIES, OSBORNE, Robert & MAKER, John: Germany's Western Front: Translations from the German Official History of the Great War, 1914: Part 1, The Battle of the Frontiers and the Pursuit to the Marne ... 9&t=203498
JACKSON, Robert: Dunkirk.
JOHNSTON, Ian & BUXTON, Ian; The Battleship Builders-Constructing & Arming British Capital Ships ... 9&t=199766
JONES, Michael: Total War. ... 9&t=181019
JONES, Michael: The Retreat. ... 9&t=161228
JONES, Micheal: After Hitler. ... 9&t=213481
JORDAN, Jon & MOULIN, Jean: French Cruisers 1922-1956 ... 9&t=199225
JOSEPH, Frank: The Axis Air Forces: Flying in support of the German Luftwaffe. ... 9&t=187854
JUNG, Hans J: Panzerregiment Großdeutschland im Einsatz (Der Eliteverband der deutschen Panzerwaffe).
JUNG, Helmut: But not for the Fuehrer.
JUUTILAINEN, Ilmari: Double Fighter Knight. ... 9&t=154047
KEMP, Ian: Remagen Bridge. ... 9&t=114864
KEMP, Ian: Eben-Emael. ... 9&t=112079
KERSHAW, Alex: The Few (The American 'Knights of the Air' who risked everything to fight in the Battle of Britain). ... 9&t=112824
KERSHAW, Robert: War Without Garlands: Barbarossa 1941/42.
KERSHAW, Robert: D-Day Piercing the Atlantic Wall. ... 9&t=154827
KERSHAW, Robert J: It Never Snows in September. ... 9&t=136316
KINNEY, John F: Wake Island Pilot: A World War II Memoir. ... 9&t=158166
KIRCHUBEL, Robert: Hitler’s Panzer Armies on the Eastern Front. ... 9&t=159508
KLEE, Ernst, DRESSEN, Willi & Riess, Volker: The Good Old Days. ... 9&t=113188
KLEINFELD, Gerald R & TAMBS, Lewis A : Hitler's Spanish Legion- The Blue Division in Russia. ... 9&t=185720
KOMOROWSKI, E.A: Night Never Ending.
KRAMER, Ann: The Land Girls & their Impact. ... 9&t=159256
KRAUSNICK, Helmut et-al: Anatomy of the SS State.
LANDAU, Sigmund Heinz: Goodbye Transylvania. ... 9&t=107036
LEVINE, Alan J: The War Against Rommel's Supply Lines 1942-43. ... 9&t=141258
LLOYD, Lee & BALKWILL, Brian & JOHNSTON, Alasdair: The Panther Project Vol. 1 Drivetrain and Hull. ... 9&t=127613
LOCHNER, R.K: The Last Gentleman of War.
LODIEU, Didier: La Division Meindl. ... 9&t=121661
LUDEWIG, Joachim: Ruckzug-The German Retreat from France 1944 ... rance-1944
MALAPARTE, Curzio: The Volga Rises in Europe. ... 9&t=140087
MARK, JASON: Besieged-The Epic Battle of Cholm. ... 9&t=193538
MARK, Jason: Island of Fire. ... 9&t=120623
MAS, Cedric: Afrika Korps Tome 1, 1941. ... 9&t=141261
McKALE, Donald: Nazis after Hitler ... -and-truth
McKIE, Ronald: Proud Echo. ... 9&t=143122
McSHANE, Mark: Neutral Shores (Ireland and the Battle of the Atlantic). ... 9&t=195565
MELNYK, Michael J: To Battle (The formation and history of the 14th SS Galician Waffen-SS Division). ... 9&t=174905
MERCATANTE, Steven: Why Germany Nearly Won. ... war-europe
MERRIDALE, Catherine: Ivan's War (The Red Army 1939-45). ... 9&t=106959
METZLER, Jost: The Laughing Cow. ... 9&t=193662
MEYER, Frank: Blutiges Edelweiß. ... 9&t=135506
MEYER, Ingolf: Luftwaffe Advanced Aircraft Projects to 1945: Volume 1: Fighters & Ground-Attack Aircraft, Arado to Junkers. ... 9&t=108039
MIKHIN, Petr: Guns Against the Reich. ... 9&t=166915
MONTEFIORE, Hugh Sebag: Dunkirk (Fight to the Last Man). ... 9&t=114026
MONTGOMERY, Field Marshal: The Art of Leadership. ... 9&t=181444
MONTYN, Jan & KOOIMAN, Dirk: A Lamb to Slaughter. ... 9&t=193015
MUIRHEAD, Campbell: Diary of a Bomb Aimer Flying with 12 Squadron in World War II. ... 9&t=159258
MUNK, Jan: I was a Dutch Volunteer. ... 9&t=196492
MURPHY, David E: What Stalin Knew: The Enigma of Barbarossa. ... 9&t=101112
MURRAY, John: What We Knew. Terror, Mass Murder and Everyday Life in Nazi Germany. ... 9&t=135826
MUTH, Jorg: Command Culture-US & German Officer Education 1901-40 and its Consequences in WW2. ... sequences-
NASH, Doug: Victory was Beyond Their Grasp. ... 9&t=136732
NESBIT, Roy C: The Armed Rovers-Beauforts & Beaufighters over the Mediterranean. ... 9&t=198059
O’DONNELL, Patrick: The Brenner Assignment: The Untold Story of the Most Daring Spy Mission of World War II. ... 9&t=149613
OLSON, Lynne & CLOUD, Stanley: A Question of Honor.
PALERMO, Michele & SLONGO, Ludovico: Ali D'Africa (1o Stormo C.T. in North Africa from November 1941 to July 1942). ... 9&t=152632
PATTERSON, Lawrence: Dönitz's last gamble: The Inshore U-Boat Campaign 1944-45. ... 9&t=148902
PATZWALL, Klaus & SCHERZER, Viet: Das Deutsche Kreuz 1941-1945 Band II.
PETRICH, Peter & STOCKER, Werner: Messerschmitt Me 210 / Me 410 Hornisse (Hornet): An Illustrated Production History. ... 9&t=127947
PIERIK, Perry: Hungary 1944-45 (The forgotten tragedy).
POLIAKOV, Alexander: White Mammoths. ... 9&t=161816
PRICE, Alfred: Battle of Britain. ... 9&t=176774
PRINGLE, Heather: The Master Plan: Himmler's Scholars and the Holocaust. ... 9&t=176749
REID, Brian A: No Holding Back: Operation Totalize, Normandy, August 1944.
RICKARD, John Nelson: Advance and Destroy (Patton as Commander in the Bulge). ... 9&t=185347
RIKMENSPOEL, Marc J: Waffen SS Encyclopedia.
RIPLEY, Tim: The Waffen SS at War-Hitler's Praetorians 1925-1945.
ROBA, Jean-Louis: Foreign Planes in the Service of the Luftwaffe. ... 9&t=173207
ROBERTSON, Terence: The Golden Horseshoe (Wartime career of Otto Kretschmer). ... 9&t=108044
ROSEN, Anda M: Middle Andzia. ... 9&t=141498
ROTTMAN, Gordon & TAKIZAWA, Akira: Japanese Paratroop Forces of World War II. ... 9&t=113488
SARANTAKES, Nicholas Evan: Allies against the Rising Sun (The United States,the British Nations,and the Defeat of Imperial Japan). ... 9&t=166472
SCHILLER, Rolf: Directive 19: The Memoirs of SS Sturmbannführer Rolf Otto Schiller. ... 9&t=113333 ... 9&t=112685
SCHNEIDER, Helga: The Bonfire of Berlin. ... 9&t=135827
SELIGMANN, Matthew et-al: Daily Life in Hitler's Germany.
SELLEIR, Claus: Walking away from the Third Reich. ... 9&t=105149
SEIDLER, Hans: Images of War: Operation Barbarossa, Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives. ... 9&t=173206
SHARPE, Michael: 5th Gebirgsjäger Division: Hitler's Mountain Warfare Specialists.
SHEPELEV, Andrei & OTTENS, Huib: Horten Ho 229 Spirit of Thuringia: The Luftwaffe's All-wing Jet Fighter. ... 9&t=112076
SHIPSTER, John Neville: Mist Over the Rice Fields: A Soldier's Story of the Burma Campaign 1943-45 and Korean War 1950-51. ... 9&t=167987
SHOWELL, Jak P Mallmann: Enigma U-Boats: Breaking the Code. ... 9&t=158571
SMITH, J Edgar: & CREEK, Eddie J: Arado AR 234 A. ... 9&t=135809
SMITH, J Edgar: & CREEK, Eddie J : Me 262: Volume 2. ... 9&t=127945
SMITH, J Edgar: & CREEK, Eddie J: Dornier Do 335 Pfeil: The Luftwaffe’s Fastest Piston-Engine Fighter. ... 9&t=119095
SMITH. J Richard: Schlachtflieger Luftwaffe Ground-attack Units 1937-1945. ... 9&t=130607
SMITH, Peter C: Fighting Flotilla. ... 9&t=195566
SMITH, Peter C: Ju 87 Stuka (Luftwaffe Ju 87 Dive-Bomber Units). ... 9&t=119908
SMITH, Peter C: Midway, Dauntless Victory (Fresh Perspectives on America's Seminal Naval Victory of World War II). ... 9&t=154826
SMITH, Peter C: Fighting flotilla (HMS Laforey and her sister ships). ... 9&t=151349
SMITH, Peter C & WALKER, Edwin: The Battles of the Malta Striking Forces. ... 9&t=138531
SPIELAUER, ?: Sniper Scopes and Mounts 1914-1945. ... 9&t=136988
STEWART, Adrian: Carriers at War 1939-1945 ... 9&t=199749
STOBER, Hans: Die Flugabwehrverbände der Waffen-SS.
STRAWSON, John: Hitler as Military Commander. ... 9&t=137908
SUHREN, Teddy & BRUSTAT, Fritz: Teddy Suhren Ace of Aces (Memoirs of a U-Boat Rebel). ... 9&t=137041
SUTHERLAND, Jon & CANWELL, Diane: Vichy Air Force at War ... 9&t=199221
SUTKUS, Bruno: Sniper Ace (From the Eastern Front to Siberia). ... 9&t=159507
THOMAS, Nick: RAF Top Gun (The story of Battle of Britain Ace and World Speed Record Holder Teddy Donaldson). ... 9&t=143841
THOMASSIAN, Levon: Summer of '42, A Study of German-Armenian Relations durig WW2. ... &p=1747229
THORNE, Christopher: Allies of a Kind-United States, Britain and the War Against Japan 1941-45. ... 9&t=195939
TISSIER, Tony Le: Death Was Our Companion (The Final Days of the Third Reich). ... 9&t=137909
TOOZE, Adam: The Wages of Destruction (The Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy). ... 9&t=118859
TRIGG, Jonathan: Hitler’s Gauls. ... 9&t=140292
TRUESDALE, David: Brotherhood of the cauldron (Irishmen with the 1st Airborne Division from North Africa to Arnhem). ... 9&t=113221
TYSON, John: Hitler's Mentor Dietrich Eckart (His Life, His Times, His Milieu). ... 9&t=147186
UNGVARY, Krisztian: The Siege of Budapest: One Hundred Days in World War II. ... 9&t=105705
VASCO, John J: Zerstörer: Luftwaffe Fighter Bombers and Destroyers Volume Two 1941-1945. ... 9&t=100405
VERHOEF, C E H J: The Battle for Ginkel Heath Near Ede: 17 and 18 September 1944. ... 9&t=112357
WADMAN, David: Aufklärer: Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Aircraft and Units 1935-1941. ... 9&t=140759
WALKER, Ian W: Iron Hulls, Iron Hearts (Mussolini’s Elite Armoured Divisions in North Africa). ... 9&t=141611
WALTERS, Guy: Hunting Evil (The Nazi war criminals who escaped and the hunt to bring them to justice). ... 9&t=158572
WALTERS, Guy: Berlin Games (How the Nazis Stole the Olympic Dream). ... 9&t=125616
WARD, Chris & SMITH, Steve: 3 Group Bomber Command-An Operational Record ... &p=1776594
WARNICK, Rüdiger & CAZENAVE, Stephen: Tiger! ... 9&t=156311
WESTWELL, Ian: Condor Legion: The Wehrmacht's Training Ground.
WETTE, Wolfram: The Wehrmacht: History, Myth, Reality. ... 9&t=101109
WHITAKER, Brig.Gen Dennis & Whitaker, Shelagh: 'Normandy, the Real Story: How ordinary Allied soldiers defeated Hitler. ... 9&t=114212
WHITE, Peter: With the Jocks: A soldier's struggle for Europe 1944-45. ... 9&t=121663
WHITEHEAD, Arthur K: Odyssey of a Philippine Scout. ... 9&t=112745 ... 9&t=100691
WIGGINS, Melanie: U-Boat Adventures ... 9&t=193661
WOTHERSPOON, Nick & CLARK, Alan & SHELDON, Mark: Aircraft Wrecks, (The Walkers Guide - Historic crash sites on the moors and mountains of the British Isles). ... 9&t=159259
WRAGG, David: Stringbag-The Fairey Swordfish at War. ... 9&t=195853
YAKUSHIN, Ivan: On the Roads of War (A Soviet Cavalryman on the Eastern Front).
YEIDE, Harry: Fighting Patton. ... is-enemies
YOUNGER, Tony: Blowing Our Bridges (A Memoir From Dunkirk to Korea via Normandy). ... 9&t=156853
ZETTERLING, Niklas: The Korsun Pocket. ... 9&t=171146
ZIEMKE, Earl F: Stalingrad to Berlin (The German Defeat in the East). ... 9&t=106120
ZIEMKE, Earl F & BAUER, Magna: Moscow to Stalingrad (Decision in the East). ... 9&t=106187


The purpose of this thread is to list in one place the interviews the AHF has conducted on behalf of its membership over the years. Hopefully through the authors answers to a mix of set stock questions, and specific questions from our membership, the reader is able to gain an insight into the good the bad and the ugly, of being a writer of military history.

The authors are listed alphabetically and with a short premise about themselves, their work and a link to the actual interview.

Number of interviews listed so far 11

ANDERSON Jr, Richard C: has been working as a military historian and analyst since 1987 when he joined Trevor N. Dupuy's Historical Evaluation and Research Organization. After Trevor's death in 1995 Rich continued to work for The Dupuy Institute until 2008 when he became an analyst for the U.S. Army.

BALLANTYNE, Iain:is a respected defence journalist and author, whilst also being the current Editor of the respected naval magazine 'Warships-International Fleet Review. ... ballantyne

CANTRELL, Rebecca: has written several fictional books the Third Reich era viewtopic.php?f=24&t=184150

HAMMEL, Eric: began writing military history at the age of fifteen and his books have been appearing regularly since the mid 1970s. He has written forty military history books in all and nearly seventy articles, and he served as contributing editor and the West Coast stringer for Leatherneck magazine in the 1980s. He founded Pacifica Military History in 1985 and has worked as a staff and freelance editor on at least a hundred military history books. He has become a strong practitioner of and advocate for the print-on-demand and electronic publishing methods. He is now all but retired but has taken up fiction writing as therapy against boredom. He also creates fractal art as a hobby

HARGREAVES, Richard:has been a journalist for a dozen years, covering the 2003 campaign in Iraq as an official war correspondent aboard HMS Ark Royal. He now writes the newspaper of the Royal Navy, Navy News. He has spent the past 16 years researching the German Armed Forces in both world wars after brashly – and rashly – throwing down a library book in disgust and declaring “I could do better!”

HOULIHAN, Tom:is a deputy sheriff, currently serving in the Corrections Division. After six years in the US Navy, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps, retiring from that organization as a Staff Sergeant in 1999.
He has no formal training either in writing or historical research. Most of his projects come out of an attempt to do things differently from what has gone before.

MELNYK, Michael: was born in the UK in 1964 to a Scottish mother and Ukrainian father. He is 46 years old AND does not even hold the lowest possible qualification (O [ordinary] level) in history given in the UK. From 1984 until 2001 he worked (and still does) within the British legal system exclusively to fund his research. During this period he travelled abroad to Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the USA, and Canada and amassed a huge amount of source material on the 14 Galician Division.

SCHMIDER, Klaus:was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1966. He studied contemporary history, political science and international law at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz earning his MA and PhD in 1995 and 2001, respectively. He joined the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as a Senior Lecturer in May 1999. His main research interests are in WW 1 and WW 2 with special emphasis on air and sea warfare and the Axis war against the European resistance.

TILLMAN, Barrett: is a professional author, speaker, and consultant, with 50 books and approximately 550 articles published. He has received six writing awards and continues working in the military/aviation/naval field. ... &p=1444954

YEIDE, Harry: lives in Washington, DC with his wife, Nancy. He works as a foreign affairs analyst for the government. His primary interest in the US armoured forces of World War II. His first book, Steel Victory, about the US seperate tank battalions in the ETO, was published in 2003. He has since published four other books

WORTH, Richard: has been writing professionally for almost thirty years. His first book, the fantasy novel Return to Kalevala, appeared in 2000, and he has since published three titles on warships of the World Wars era

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