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David C. Clarke
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Questions about a Book

Post by David C. Clarke » 27 Apr 2002 04:36

Hi Guys, can anyone tell me anything about "Die deutsche Panzerjägertruppe 1935-1945. Waffen, Fahrzeuge, Gliederung und Einsatz"? What does the book contain? How good is it on the history of various panzerjager units? Is it a good buy or over-priced? Thanks much. Cheers, D :D

Mark C. Yerger
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Post by Mark C. Yerger » 27 Apr 2002 04:52

If you mean the new Heimdel book its a good one volume study for the text, tactical symbols, uniforms, biographies (capsule) or important commanders, etc. Other books, like the "Die Divisionen" series or Tessin are better on specific units.


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Panzerjager book

Post by HaK » 01 May 2002 21:22

Hi, I guess you are refering to the panzerjagertruppe by Fleischer/Eiermann, published by Podzun, it has a lot of new photo's which I haven't seen before, the text is focusses on the equipement and not on the individual units, although there is general info on the unit strengths of the different panzerjager units. Really a nice book, got mine from ebay for 10 euro.



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Post by Marcus » 01 May 2002 21:23


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