Review: I was a Dutch Volunteer

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Review: I was a Dutch Volunteer

Post by sniper1shot » 29 Jan 2013 05:32

Title: I was a Dutch Volunteer
Authour: Jan Munk
ISBN: None
Publisher: Self ?
Stars: 5
(out of 5)

Got wind of this book awhile back and jumped on the chance to get a copy as I enjoy short prints. This book is on a Dutch youth who volunteers to serve with the German Armed forces and utlimitly volunteered for the SS. Serving with the Wiking Division on the Eastern front and then at the end of the war in ad hoc units.
I liked this book as the authour "pulled not punches" and told it like it was. What the political situation was like at the time of Hollands occupation, the unemployment etc. Why he volunteered and his beliefs are also told which makes for good reading. His early training, and early battles are described as are his wounds and time spent in hospitals.
The end of the war takes up a couple of chapters as he describes what happened to those who come home at wars end. Imprisonment, abuse, and murder by his fellow countrymen are quite disturbing. The victors, as guards, are actually quite worse than those who are supposed to of "committed crimes". Eye opening to say the least. He talks of reunions and of travels through Germany later in life and of meeting fellow soldiers who served in the same units.
All in all a short book that can be read in one sitting, and there are pictures from the authours private collection that survived.

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