Is there a definative history of the Second World War?

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Gwynn Compton
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Is there a definative history of the Second World War?

Post by Gwynn Compton » 30 Apr 2002 03:38

Has any historian yet written the definative history of World War 2?

I know John Keegan, even though his book The Second World War is often regarded as getting near to being definative, believes that it still hasn't been written, and that no one historian has all the skills nessacery to write it.


Ken Jasper
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Post by Ken Jasper » 30 Apr 2002 14:22

I don't know if I would call it definitive, but B.H. Liddell Hart's "History of the Second World War" is an excellent one volume history.

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Richard Murphy
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Not possible

Post by Richard Murphy » 30 Apr 2002 20:02

Is it possible for one person to write a definitive history? Personally, I rank Orbis's "History of World War II" amongst the best, even if most do shy away from partworks. Purnell's earlier work doesn't seem to have ever been republished (Apart from bits and pieces in book form.), which I don't understand, as it was just as good.



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Christian Ankerstjerne
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Post by Christian Ankerstjerne » 30 Apr 2002 21:08

I don't think it is possible - it would take a group of authors, not only to get all the material, but also to be sure it is unbaised - one oppinion will never be able to be 100% justified, as something, if onæy a few sentences, will ivenitable be marked by the author in some degree...


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Post by GrossDeutschland » 01 May 2002 22:51

An Englishman, Basil Collier, wrote a book, must have been in 1970 or so, called either the Second World War or World War II. It's out of print, but if you can find it, it has some useful tables and appendices. It's well written and covers the Far East too.


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Post by Erich » 01 May 2002 23:01

I think even if you broke a book into theaters it could never be definitive........there is still too much in-depth research that one would have to do as the modern day historian/reader desires just this.


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