Mark Yerger passed away

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Michael Miller
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Re: Mark Yerger passed away

Post by Michael Miller » 12 Sep 2016 12:44

Regarding his age, he told me in 1997 that he was 36 years old, so I'd think closer to 55 (despite the Lancaster, PA obituary that I've seen, which indeed gives his age as 61).

~ Mike

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Re: Mark Yerger passed away

Post by PATRICK CHARRON » 12 Sep 2016 14:18

I did not know personally Mark Yerger, but his books have an important place in my bookshelves, especially the series of nine volumes on GCiG Holders SS and Police, as well as 2 volumes Knight of Steel on Das Reich and Totenkopf Vol.1 . Totenkopf 2 is being delivered.
I was among the people who did not understand why he occulted the Waffen SS war crimes despite some controversies could not be denied, especially when they were even recognized by former SS officers. But, beyond the discrepancies, I respect him enormously, because I measure the titanic work that he produced. I hope that Ignacio Arrondo will take over to complete the series on GCiG.

Rest in peace

Condolences to his family and loved ones


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Re: Mark Yerger passed away

Post by Xavier » 12 Sep 2016 16:10

While I never had a chance to correspond with him I will miss his posts here on the forum..
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John P. Moore
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Re: Mark Yerger passed away

Post by John P. Moore » 12 Sep 2016 19:06

I was deeply saddened by the untimely death of Mark Yerger. He possessed a great deal of knowledge about the Waffen-SS and he made it his life's work to document that knowledge in more than 20 books with a continual improvement in quality. One can only imagine what other books might have been written had he lived longer. I believe that his life was cut short because of some unhealthy personal habits. If any of you are still smoking cigarettes, let this be a wake-up call to you and stop smoking now!
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Charles Trang
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Re: Mark Yerger passed away

Post by Charles Trang » 13 Sep 2016 00:13

These are sad news indeed.
Mark was one of the best writers on the Waffen-SS, I have everyone of his books and "Knights of Steel" vol.1 is my favorite one. I hope Ignacio can finish this series as well.
RIP Mark.

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Re: Mark Yerger passed away

Post by krichter33 » 13 Sep 2016 01:39

I own the 8 GCiG books, the two Totenkopf books, the Kumm, Weidinger, Krag bios, the two Waffen SS commanders books, the two Knights of Steel books, and I preordered the new army book. So that makes 18. The only ones I don't own are his Images of the WSS, his SS cavalry book, the original Hausser bio,the GCiS book, and the Allgemeine SS book...I believe that is all? I do want to buy the cavalry book though.....and I do need to really stop smoking,,,though I tend to fall off and get back on that wagon quite often....

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Re: Mark Yerger passed away

Post by JoeW » 14 Sep 2016 15:11

I am very sorry to learn of Mark's passing and may I extend my sympathies to his sister and friends. I had an interesting correspondence with him last summer at this time regarding a piece I acquired owned by a DKiG recipient. Though my few published magazine article pales in comparison to his prolific accomplishments, this one comment from Mark does sum up the feelings of many authors.
"There is a voluminous data in the GC series if you read it all, even more with Totenkopf (30% of the text is end note data rather than just citing references), though 80% of people look at photos and miss what is there. And there is a lot. I write "for" 8 people and the 11 archives I give copies to. Probably same as you."

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Re: Mark Yerger passed away

Post by VJK » 15 Sep 2016 17:13

Sad news indeed. The military history world and this Forum has lost yet another true expert. R.I.P. Mark!


Adler Heinz
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Re: Mark Yerger passed away

Post by Adler Heinz » 16 Sep 2016 18:11

Nooo! Oh my God, i'm simply lost for this very sad notice, i love every work of Mark, i have the first six volumes of GCiG series, i have the same passion for bio of Waffen SS man and Mark is an example for me, ever. Five days ago the world of Historian researchers have lost a great man. Rest in peace Mark :(

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Re: Mark Yerger passed away

Post by chinesefox » 17 Sep 2016 02:25

really sorry to hear this awful news.

Andreas Schulz
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Re: Mark Yerger passed away

Post by Andreas Schulz » 18 Sep 2016 19:17

Hochachtungsvoll (Yours faithfully)
Andreas Schulz

Felix C
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Re: Mark Yerger passed away

Post by Felix C » 18 Sep 2016 22:13

I read good things about him. So sad.

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Re: Mark Yerger passed away

Post by Peter » 19 Sep 2016 13:04

A great loss to his family and this community.
Rest peacefully

J. Duncan
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Re: Mark Yerger passed away

Post by J. Duncan » 20 Sep 2016 23:06

Sad indeed. Mark was a very helpful contributor to this forum, including the non-expert poking into in his field. Thanks again Mark for your assistance (and patience) in aiding those less knowledgeable to better understand the many intricate details concerning the history of the SS. Farewell.

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Re: Mark Yerger passed away

Post by AlifRafikKhan » 24 Sep 2016 17:43

Just read this. Really sorry for the loss of such a great author. RIP

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