British armour books by P. M. Knight

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Trilisser, M. A.
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British armour books by P. M. Knight

Post by Trilisser, M. A. » 01 Jan 2019 13:08

I have thus far bought two of these marvelous books (Comet and Black Prince) by P. M. Knight. These are the best tank monographs I have read as far as contents go. These are obviously intended for genuine tank enthusiasts, not plastic enthusiasts. The sad thing is that these are self-published and the physical quality isn't worth the quality of the contents.

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Re: British armour books by P. M. Knight

Post by SleeperService » 13 Aug 2019 10:53

Sadly this isn't unusual but the issue is print-on-demand rather than self-publishing. Specifically Amazon's printers can't handle photos very well at all and line drawings suffer even more.

I've brought the volume 'The Tanks of TOG' by Andrew Hills which is very similar. Superb depth of research let down by poor picture reproduction and, in this one, scale drawings that often resemble a dot-to-dot puzzle. I contacted the publisher about obtaining a usable set of drawings and was told NO rather firmly. Print-on-demand done properly is very good but Amazon seem to have decided to go for lower quality in the hope that people go for the Kindle version instead.

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