heavy cruisers

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heavy cruisers

Post by genstab » 06 Jul 2019 22:24

Does anyone know of a reference book on the world's cruisers? I have several about those of various nations but would like one having all nations'.
I have the book "Cruisers" by Antony Preston but it isn't my idea or a reference book like Terzibaschitsch's or Friedman's. with line drawings and detailed specs. Appreciate any info on such a book.

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Re: heavy cruisers

Post by hucks216 » 07 Jul 2019 09:31

I'm not sure there is one - to cover them all would be a huge undertaking. That said, to narrow it down to just a single time frame, Cruisers Of World War Two: An International Encyclopedia by M.J.Whitley (ISBN: 978-1860198748) might fit the bill.

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