Publishing houses of the 50s, 60s, 70s of those cheap war paperbacks?

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Felix C
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Publishing houses of the 50s, 60s, 70s of those cheap war paperbacks?

Post by Felix C » 07 Jul 2019 20:27

I trawl Ebay for those cheap war pocket paperbacks from the era above.
Does anyone recall who else published these other than Dell, Jove, Corgi, Bantam, Ballantine?
Especially the memoirs. The pocket paperbacks are best as they are travel portable and handle bumping well

I ask as it is easy to do a search for "Bantam war" etc. otherwise it is 1000s-10000s of entries
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Re: Publishing houses in the 50s, 60s, 70s of those cheap war paperbacks?

Post by hucks216 » 07 Jul 2019 21:06

Pan Books is another one. I enjoyed reading their book on The Battle of the Java Sea.
Fontana is another - Beyond The Chindwin by Bernard Fergusson (who led one of the Chindit columns) is one of theirs as are The Wooden Horse and The Tunnel by Eric Williams.
Futura is another and published the English translation of the story of the Auxiliary Cruiser 'Pinguin' called Ghost Ship HK33.

Felix C
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Re: Publishing houses of the 50s, 60s, 70s of those cheap war paperbacks?

Post by Felix C » 07 Jul 2019 22:37

I found list of the Bantam War Series:
Title Author
1 Abandon Ship Richard Newcomb
2 Above and Beyond William Morrison
3 Alamein to Zem Zem Keith Douglas
4 As Eagles Screamed Donald Burgett
5 Assault in Norway Thomas Gallagher
6 Baa Baa Black Shep Gregory Boyington
7 Battle for Gudalcanal, The Samuel Griffth
8 Big Show Pierre Clostermann
9 Black March, The Peter Neumann
10 Black Thursday Martin Caidin
11 Bloody war, A Hal Lawrence
12 Brazen Chariots Robert Crisp
13 Breakout (aka Fiasco) John Potter
14 Child of Hitler, A Alfons Heck
15 Churchill and the Generals Barrie Pitt
16 Clay Pigeons of St Lo Glover Johns
17 Clear the Bridge! Richard O'Kane
18 Coast Watchers, The Eric Feldt
19 Cockleshell Heroes Lucas Phillips
20 Comando Force 133 Bill Strutton
21 Combat Command Frederick Sherman
22 Combat Patrol Clay Blair, Jr.
23 Commando Extraordinary Charles Foley
24 Company Comander Charles MacDonald
25 Coral and Brass Holland Smith
26 D-Day David Howarth
27 Dam Busters Paul Brickhill
28 Defeat in the East Juergen Thorwald
29 Divine Wind, The Rikihei Inoguchi
30 Enemy at the Gates William Craig
31 Enemy Coast Ahead Guy Gibson
32 Escort Commander Terence Robertson
33 Fighting Mad Michael Calvert
34 First and the Last, The Adolf Galland
35 Fly for Your Life Larry Forrester
36 Full Circle: the Tactics ... Johnson E.
37 General Wainwright story Jonathon Wainwright
38 German Raider Atlantis Bernhard Rogge
39 Greatest Raid of All, The Lucas Phillips
40 Guerilla Submarines Edward Dissete
41 Helmet for my Pillow Robert Leckie
42 Hit Hard David Williams
43 Horrido! Raymonf Toliver &
44 Hundred Days of Lt MacHorton, The Ian MacHorton
45 Hunter Killer William Blood
46 I Flew for the Fuhrer Heinz Knoke
47 I was chaplain on the Franklin Joseph Callahan
48 Ignorant Armies, The E. Halliday
49 Into the Teeth of the Tiger Donald Lopez
50 Invasion, They`re Coming Paul Carell
51 Iron Coffins Herbert Werner
52 Iwo Jima Richard Newcomb
53 London Calling North Pole Hermann Giskes
54 Marine at War Russel Davis
55 Men and Volts at War John Miller
56 Night Action: MTB Flotilla at War Peter Dickens
57 Night Fighter J. Braham
58 One More Hill Franklin Johnson
59 One of our Bombs is Missing Flora Lewis
60 Pig Boats Theodore Roscoe
61 Popski`s Private Army Vladimir Peniakoff
62 Queen of the Flat-tops Stanley Johnston
63 Ragged, Rugged Warriors, The Martin Caidin
64 Reach for the Sky Paul Brickhill
65 Red Dust, White Ensign Ian Cameron
66 Road Past Mandalay John Masters
67 Rocket Fighter Mano Ziegler
68 Russian Submarines in Arctica Waters I. Kolyshkin
69 Samurai Saburo Sakai
70 Serenade to the Big Bird Bert Stilles
71 Seven Men at Daybreak Alan Burgess
72 Sink`em All Charles Lockwood
73 Stirling Desert Raiders Virginia Cowles
74 Story of Air Fighting, The J Johnson
75 Story of Wake Islaned, The James Devereux
76 Stuka Pilot Hans Rudel
77 Tarawa Robert Sherrod
78 This Kind of War T. Fehrenbach
79 Those Devils in Baggy Pants Ross Carter
80 Thousand Mile War, The Brian Garfield
81 Tin Cans Theodore Roscoe
82 To Hell and Back Audie Murphy
83 Typhoon of Steel James Belote &
84 U-Boat 977 Heinz Schaeffer
85 U-Boat Killer Donald Macintyre
86 V-2 Walter Dornberger
87 Vaagso Raid, The Joseph Devins
88 War as I Knew It George Patton
89 War in a Stringbag, To Charles Lamb
90 We Die Alone David Howarth
91 White Rabbit, The Bruce Marshall
92 With Rommel in the Desert Heinz Schimidt
93 With the Old Breed Eugene Sledge

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