From the Realm of a Dying Sun vol. 1-3

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Re: From the Realm of a Dying Sun vol. 1-3

Post by Max » 10 Mar 2022 05:29

gebhk wrote:
01 Feb 2022 07:41
No insistence on styling them "Nazis" or--just a joke here--"Hitlerites."
I would suggest the Axis? 'Nazis' is incorrect because none of the other parties involved were Nazi. I agree that 'Hitlerite', while arguably accurate, is unhelpful, because then we would have to call the opposing side 'Stalinites', the Japanese Empire Tojoites and the whole conversation goes downhill rapidly after that :wink:
The term Stalinist is very common.
Also Marxist / Leninist - Trotskyist/ite
It is quite correct to refer to Soviet Russia[ns]
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Re: From the Realm of a Dying Sun vol. 1-3

Post by Westphalia1812 » 05 Dec 2022 18:47

Sid Guttridge wrote:
10 Dec 2021 06:01

The title smacks of W-SS and Nazi-era glorification.

I hope the books themselves are less uncritical and more detached!

Until recently, the Wiking Division had enjoyed a reputation of being a “clean” unit that had committed relatively few atrocities during the early stages of Operation Barbarossa. These assertions were thoroughly debunked in a 2019 study by Dr. Lars Westerlund of the National Archives of Finland, who discovered that the division, under Felix Steiner’s command, had participated in or abetted a number of atrocities between July 1941 and early 1943, including the summary execution of hundreds of Soviet POWs, reprisal killings of Soviet civilians, and the murder of thousands of innocent Jews, often in cooperation with SS Einsatzgruppen. Source: Lars Westerlund, The Finnish SS-Volunteers and Atrocities, 1941–1943 (Helsinki: The National Archives of Finland, 2019).

Footnotes to chapter 4.

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