From the Realm of a Dying Sun vol. 1-3

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Re: From the Realm of a Dying Sun vol. 1-3

Post by Max » 10 Mar 2022 05:29

gebhk wrote:
01 Feb 2022 07:41
No insistence on styling them "Nazis" or--just a joke here--"Hitlerites."
I would suggest the Axis? 'Nazis' is incorrect because none of the other parties involved were Nazi. I agree that 'Hitlerite', while arguably accurate, is unhelpful, because then we would have to call the opposing side 'Stalinites', the Japanese Empire Tojoites and the whole conversation goes downhill rapidly after that :wink:
The term Stalinist is very common.
Also Marxist / Leninist - Trotskyist/ite
It is quite correct to refer to Soviet Russia[ns]
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