Werner Haupt- "Heeresgruppe Nord 1941–1945".

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Werner Haupt- "Heeresgruppe Nord 1941–1945".

Post by 2KILFA » 24 Apr 2022 22:33

Do members have this book?

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Re: Werner Haupt- "Heeresgruppe Nord 1941–1945".

Post by fox3-6 » 27 May 2022 03:21

I have Heeresgrupp Sud 41-45 by werner haupt and thought it had pretty good information.

Don't have heeresgruppe nord 41-45, but it is available in hardcover, german, on amazon for $10 if youre' really looking to get it, so it's not terribly expensive.

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Re: Werner Haupt- "Heeresgruppe Nord 1941–1945".

Post by stolypin » 03 Jun 2022 16:31

I've got four of Haupt's books in English (Schiffer): Army Group North, Army Group Center, Army Group South, and Assault on Moscow 1941.

These books are very high-level histories of the eastern front and are likely not especially interesting to those who, like me, have studied the topic for nearly a half century. But for someone wanting a good military overview of the eastern front from the German point of view, they are probably ideal.

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