Erlam Ranks and Uniforms of the German Army - Navy- Air Force

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Erlam Ranks and Uniforms of the German Army - Navy- Air Force

Post by jeffhan373 » 09 Nov 2023 21:26

This book, which came out in 1940, was an English version of Eberhard Hettler's German work on uniforms & rank insignia. It was credited to Denys Erlam. You used to see it around quite a bit, and it is still easily obtained for not much money (and it was republished as a paperback in 2014).

My question: back in the 70s you would frequently see a poster/sheet reproducing all the color uniform plates in this book. Does anyone have any information about this poster? Was it done in the 1940s and, if so, did someone who bought the book get it along with the book? Was it sold separately? Or was the poster done in the 1970s, in an era when there really wasn't much information available for collectors - just things like the b&w WE version of Hettler's book.

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