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Post by Takao » 13 Mar 2002 06:05

Thanks Erich!

I'll have to keep an eye out for those books.

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David C. Clarke
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Hi Guys!

Post by David C. Clarke » 13 Mar 2002 16:32

The Squdron Signal "Sturmgeschutze III Walk Around" is a new title and slighty more expensive than the "Sturmgeschutze in Action" that's been around for a while.
I've read Regenitor's book by Shelf Publications, it's okay but way over-priced IMHO for the information in it. I still haven't started "7,000 Kilometers in a Sturgeschutze" yet. Sorry but it came in the same time as "The Combat History of sJgpz. Abt. 654"! Han's Wijer's Shelf Boof on the Offensive to relieve Stalingrad "Storm over the Steppes" is the best Shelf book I've ever read, a really interesting book with great information and fantastic pictures. Even though it's not specifically about StuGs, I really enjoyed it--you could tell that Hans put a lot of time, effort and thought into the book.
Best regards, David

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Hans Wijers books

Post by Erich » 13 Mar 2002 16:50


I have been dealing with the original works in Deutsch which seem to cover a bit more text and the photos are a bit more clear than the English versions. Angelray books carries some more intersting titles on the Stugs if you want to check them out.
David, I'll have to check my local book store for that walk around title soon.........thanks for the heads up !


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