book Fighing in Hell

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book Fighing in Hell

Post by admfisher » 16 Jun 2002 17:38

Fighing in Hell, The German Ordeal on the Eastern Front. edited by
Peter B. Tsouras

Has anyone read this book?

There are some interesting points I have come across so far. Such as the germans feeling that the Purges of the Red Army were not as devasting to the oveall leadership as what the west has been taught.

This is in the section Russian Combat Methods in WWII, by Generaloberst Erhard Rauss.

He states that many of the officers purged were from the older families that had a traditional post in the officer corps. The communists I thought had weeded all of these people out, but I guess this was a way of getting the head of the army in one action, while keeping the army under control.

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I have this

Post by Petho » 16 Jun 2002 17:43

I have this book, in paperback, and I found it a fascinating read, and use some of the descriptions found within for scenario design.

Quite interesting all in all!

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