What 3rd Reich biography would you wish to see published ?

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Martin Månsson
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Post by Martin Månsson » 07 Aug 2002 19:43

Thanks Mark !


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Re: RE: Rohm

Post by GFM2000 » 08 Aug 2002 00:38

MVSNConsolegenerale wrote: From the little I've read on Rohm through biographies on Hitler, the SS, etc. He doesn't seem like a particularily bright fellow. Even though he was an officer in the army, he also wasn't that smart militarily
I agree in principle. Like other power-hungry leaders in the Nazi faction, Rohm see himself as the eventual chair of the Ministry of Defence, and Marshal of the People's Army. However, Rohm did not have to foresight to realside that his own position of power would soon be ousted by "that corporal" and his henchmen. That, in itself, is quite interesting to me. Remember that the Night of the Long Knives occured at a time when the SA was the most powerful (para)military force in Germany, so much so that President Hindenburg and the German Army were willing to deal with Hitler to suppress the might of the SA. Had Rohm played his cards right (perhaps joining forces with the power-hungry Himmler and Goering, to usupe Hitler), who knows what might have happen? :D

Mark C. Yerger
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Post by Mark C. Yerger » 08 Aug 2002 17:37

My curiousity is as a researcher/author for future projects or those I help. I consider all significant people worth knowing about. That includes Röhm as well as heads of the NSKK, RAD, RLB, etc. Most readers only think the Third Reich starts when the war started. The political background and infighting (and events) prior to that are less known and so to me far more interesting. I'd rather see a book on a new personality (such as Röhm) than the 20th reworked text on an individual already covered (Heydrich). It expands the general knowledge. As for the field rank KC holders, someone a couple years ago was working on a Wünsche bio. Many there is little surviving documentation with details, such as Hausser. Also only a few kept diaries. From first person perspective, Steiner's book should be translated though they seem hot in the political way by some reviewers. Being important his opinion and thoughts are of value.


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Andy H
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Post by Andy H » 08 Aug 2002 17:43

Apologies if the two names have already been 'Done'

IMO two of the finest (Panzer) Generals, Gen.Hoth & Gen.Hube

:D Andy from the Shire

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Post by subskipper » 08 Aug 2002 20:24

What about Gen. Balck? A name that seems to creep up in various biographies, but details about him seem to be elusive.

~Henric Edwards

Mark C. Yerger
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Post by Mark C. Yerger » 09 Aug 2002 14:09

Regards Army Generals, for those who can read German there are a large number of individual bios done by Biblio Verlag on individuals and also by Motorbooks Verlag (German).


Mark Costa
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Mystery Men -- Books

Post by Mark Costa » 11 Aug 2002 18:35

The book I'd like to see published would be about the most mysterious of all the Nazi leaders: Reichsleiter Wilhelm Grimm !!!! Who ???? you say !!

EXACTLY ---- he was by far, the most mysterious of all the leaders.

He had no personal relationship with Hitler.

He held no major position other than that of an early Gauleiter in the 20's for less than a year.

His position --- Deputy Chief of the Party Court ---didn't seem to rate a Reichsleiter rank.

He himself had no influence on the Party and it seems that Hitler took a mid level party administrator and raised him to this exalted position for no reason.

He is never mentioned in any books or memoirs. Its as if he didn't even exist.

He is the only Reichsleiter that actually retired --why ???

And he died in a car accident the day after the July 20th attempt. Coincidence ??????

Even photos of him are extremely rare.

He's my man for "most mysterious" of the Thrid Reich.

Others would be Korpsfuhrer Erwin Kraus of the NSKK.
also Oberst Brillantentrager Gordon Gollob -- the least known of the Luftwaffe Diamonds holders.

If anyone has photos of Grimm or Kraus that you could post or email me it would be appreciated.


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Jeff O
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Post by Jeff O » 25 Aug 2002 22:01

Albert Speers autobiography is excellent

Logan Hartke
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Post by Logan Hartke » 25 Aug 2002 22:48

"Panzer" Kurt Meyer, the man who nearly caused the entire Canadian Army to quit... after the war! He was almost tried for war crimes, but the Canucks, who had fought against him and knew him to be innocent threatened to all leaves the army, so he wasn't tried. He published his own book, Grenadiere, but that wasn't as good of as stunning a biography as an outside biographer could do on him, since like many German soldiers from World War II, they tend not to dwell on their own spectacular deeds.

Logan Hartke

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Post by Durand » 16 Sep 2002 01:35

Hallo Mark,

If you are still canvassing for ideas, I agree with you on a Röhm biography. I would also like to see a detailed and objective biography of Gregor Strasser and also biographies on some of the Freikorps leaders such as Hermann Ehrhardt, Gerhard Rossbach, and Friedrich Weber.



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Post by weiwensg » 16 Sep 2002 14:49

Martin Bormann.

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Matt Gibbs
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Grimm stuff

Post by Matt Gibbs » 17 Sep 2002 01:08

A quick search has prompted me to post the follwing...

GRIMM, Wilhelm
Reichsleiter/SS-Gruppenführer und Generalleutnant der Polizei/Hauptmann (Heer)/M.d.R./Gauleiter a.D.:
Born:: 31. Dec. 1889 in Hof an der Saale/ Franken.
Killed: 21. Jul. 1944; in auto accident near Coswig / Anhalt.
NSDAP-Nr.: 10 134 (joined 1922; left, then rejoined w/same Nr., 27. Feb. 1925)/SS-Nr.: 199 823 (joined 16. Oct. 1933)

Gen.Lt.d.Pol.: 1. Jul. 1944; SS-Gruf.: 27. Jan. 1934; SS-Brigf.: 24. Dec. 1933; SS-Oberf.: 16. Oct. 1933 (Joined SS at that rank).
Army Service: Aug. 1941-(?.?.?); Hauptmann in a Sicherungs-Regiment, Russia.
Mitglied des Reichstages (Wahlkreis 26 [Franken]): 5. Mar. 1933 - 21. Jul. 1944.
Reichsleiter and Vorsitzender II.Kammer (Second Chamber) Oberstes Parteigericht (Supreme Party Court): Jun. 1932 - 21. Jul. 1944.
Associate Judge (Beisitzer), Untersuchungs- und Schlichtungsausschuß der NSDAP (USCHLA; Committees for Examination and Judgment): Jan. 1932 - 1933.
Stellvertreter Gauleiter, Franken: 1929 - 1932.
Gauleiter des (Unter-)Gaues Mittelfranken: 3. Sep. 1928 - 1929.
Mitglied des Bayerischen Landtages (NSDAP-Fraktion): 1928 -
Kreisleiter des Kreises Ansbach: 1926 -
Ortsgruppenleiter der NSDAP in Ansbach: 1922 -
Member, "Deutschsozialistischen Partei" (D.S.P.), working with Julius Streicher: 1921- 1922.
Member, "Deutschen Werkgemeinschaft": 1920 -
Assigned to Versorgungsamt (Welfare Office), Ansbach as Obersekretär, 1. Apr. 1920; Promoted Verwaltungsinspektor: 1. Apr. 1927; Promoted Verwaltungsoberinspektor: Feb. 1934.

Married to Eugenie Buheitel: 12. Mar. 1916.
Buried in Schliersee: 26. Jul. 1944.

Imperial Army Service:
Assigned to Unteroffizierschule, Fürstenfeldbruck/Oberbayen: 1906 - 1909. Served in 2.Kompanie/14.Bayerischen Infanterieregiment (Nürnberg): 1909- 1911. Assigned to Linienkommandantur K II (Nürnberg), 1912. Served with 5.Bayerischen Infanterie-Division, 1913 - 1914. Frontline service, 5. Aug. 1914 - 6. Aug. 1917. Reassigned as Bezierksfeldwebel to Bezirkskommando Ansbach. Discharged as Leutnant a.D., 31. Oct. 1919.

Decorations & Awards:
WW I: 1914 EK II: ;
Prinzregent-Luitpold-Medaille; Verdienstkreuz II. Klasse mit Krone und Schwertern; Dienstauszeichnung II. Klasse; Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer
Goldenes Parteiabzeichen; Dienstauszeichnung der NSDAP in Gold; SS-Dienstauszeichnungen;
Ehrendegen des RF SS/Totenkopfring der SS

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Post by dasboot » 18 Sep 2002 02:39

I would love to see one on Karl Donitz. I'm sure their are many out there, but I have yet to find an indepth focus on the admiral. An interesting fellow.

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Post by tonyh » 19 Sep 2002 11:24

Erwin Rommel!

No.........just kidding :)

Actually I'd like to see a bio on Walter Nowotny.


Mark Costa
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Post by Mark Costa » 20 Sep 2002 03:18

There are two great bios of Nowotny -- one by his brother and other is a photo book by Werner Held and can be bought from amazon.de It is absolutely fabulous with over 200 photos of Nowotny.

More bios I'd like to see:

Viktor Lutze
Helmut Lent
August Heissmeyer
Adolf Huhnlein
Artur Axmann



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