Book Review: Hitler's Renegades

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Book Review: Hitler's Renegades

Post by sniper1shot » 11 Oct 2004 04:42

Title: Hitler's Renegades
Author: Christopher Ailsby
ISBN: 1-57488-838-2
Edited: Peter Darman
Published in US by: Brassey's Inc, Virginia[/b] OK, this book is about the foreign nationals that fought for Germany in WWII. Each chapter is about a country on it's own IE: Russia, Denmark, Latvia etc. The chapters describe how the unit/why the unit was formed and how many ppl served in these units. About 95% of the units became SS units during the war. Also describes where the units fought, trained, and surrendered.
The last chapter describes the ultimate fate of these foreigners. Most ppl being tried by their parent countries. Tells how many died or how long ppl served in prison etc. Also decribes the British and US intolerance towards these foreigners and how they were forced to return to certain death in their former countries at the end of the war.
It is a good book if you know nothing on the foreign units in the German armed forces, but if you are studying any particular unit or a particular countries involvment, then this book will not have much for you. Each chapter briefly covers the units overall battles etc, but doesn't go into to much detail. It does list commanders, and what motivated ppl to join the German cause.
I give it a 4 out of 5 and the photos are "new" as I haven't seen them before.

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