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Re: Books published by members

Post by pintere » 20 Oct 2016 16:45

Charles Trang wrote:The last volume of my series on the SS-Diviison "Wiking" is out : Wiking May 1943 - May 1945.
568 pages in size A4.
It contains a history of the division during the last two years with commanders lists from June 1943, June 1944 and January 1945 (down to Company commanders and Btl. staff officers), monthly reports of strength in personels, weapons and vehicles and so on.
There are numerous photos, maps and documents too.
The text is in French only which might discourage a number of readers but my editor is not disposed to have an English translation.
It's a pity since this is the most detailed book which has ever been written on the subject. With volume 1 and volume 2, it represents nearly 1400 pages (size A4) of text (in police size 10) and photos with an enormous amount of informations.
Sounds interesting, it's a real shame about the lack of an English translation.

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Re: Books published by members

Post by Jan-Hendrik » 20 Oct 2016 16:57

As I know that Charles does an excellent job it is a shame that it seems not to be published in other languages....

Dickie's book on Poland 1939 is even avaiable in polish....

Keep on running, dear Charles!!


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Re: Books published by members

Post by jayastout » 22 Oct 2016 17:01

My book on late-war ace and strafing expert Elwyn Righetti, VANISHED HERO, has just been released. ... bc?ie=UTF8

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Re: Books published by members

Post by schwarzermai » 12 Nov 2016 10:55

my bookset

Organisationsgeschichte der deutschen Heeresartillerie im II. Weltkrieg

Set of 5 Books - total: 3041 pages

thanks uwe

My Bookproject: "Organisationsgeschichte der deutschen Heeresartillerie im II. Weltkrieg"

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Globocniks Men in Italy, 1943-45 : Abteilung R and the SS-Wachmannschaften of the Operationszone Adriatisches Kustenland

Post by mil-archive » 29 Jan 2017 21:24


Globocniks Men in Italy, 1943-45 : Abteilung R and the SS-Wachmannschaften of the Operationszone Adriatisches Kustenland

Written by "Stefano" and "Tom3277".

This is a well produced book with a glossy hardback cover & dust jacket. The chapter structure works well and the graphical design, typography, layout & production values are of a high quality. This is not a photograph-only book but it illustrates & supplements the research with rare and interesting pictures throughout, covering the activities of Globocnik's men in units Abteilung R & SS Wachmanschaften in North Italy's Anti Partisan landscape through 1943-1945.

Other Polizei units covered to a lesser extent include :

I.Btl./SS-Pol.Rgt. "Bozen"
Polizei-Freiwilligen Btl."Pola"
I/II/III/IV Pol.Freiw.Btl "Italien"
SS.-u. Pol.Kdr. Istrien
Croatian Chetniks in the Ozak

& many more but this is primarily focused on Abteilung R and also the SS Wachmanschaften.

Pictures include armour, ambush aftermath, massacres, patrols, parades and quite a few 'Then and Now' images. The maps are a mixture of colour and contemporary and it includes a new map with an overlay of casualties, engagements, destroyed village locations as well as a path way to drive some of the 'Then and Now' locations for yourself.

North Italy late war anti-partisan warfare is a topic I knew mainly from Antonio Munoz's 'Hitlers Green Army Volume 1', forums or anti partisan Osprey books which are limited.

This book is far more detailed, focusing on specific units (Abteilung R and also the SS Wachmanschaften) within one operational zone to a great level of detail. From a beginners perspective the detail level and way it is introduced to the reader work well, the context, formation and deployment as well as the personnel and conditions on the ground leading up to the anti partisan operations and ambushes are relayed in an accessible way at an even pace. The amount of detail is above what might be expected. In many books you'd get to know where an officer was based but in this case you are given the address of where an officer moved to & from & when. The reason he moved (air raid), and the fact that the previous house had been taken from a Jewish family. There is an immersive level of detail here and the amount of research behind this was obviously extensive. Having said that there are areas where for a specific unit in a set time frame all documentation is lost and the authors are straightforward with the reader on this aspect where it arises.

You could read this casually while enjoying the pictures or you could go through it in detail reference by reference (in the 30 pages of detailed footnotes). The appendices and footnotes are well thought out. There is even a listing of personnel which includes rank, location and notes but my main gripe is that there is no personnel, location or unit index which are always helpful. There are appendices on ancillary local units, a detailed section on uniforms of Abteilung R, SS-Wachmannschaften in the OZAK/Selbschutzverbande & militias from Oberkrain and Untersteirmark, equipmnent, stamps, as well as a conversion listing of place names in Italian, Croatian and Slovenian which are all useful.

Another aspect of this book which was a positive is that in cases where the exact truth is unclear (e.g. the context to the massacre of Avasinis) individual, overlapping and contradictory accounts are all included for the reader to judge. The authors give the reader credit enough to judge rather than make that decision for them by excluding information or filling in the gaps with guesswork. In comparison to some books in recent years this is refreshing in my view. I'd highly recommend this work and looking forward to more SS & SS Polizei related books from these authors.


Here is some more information from the publisher :

English text, 240 pages, size 7" x 10", bound, 402 photos, maps and documents
When Odilo Globocnik, SS and police leader in Lublin, Poland, transferred to the Italy (in the region then called by the Germans "Operational Zone Adriatic Littoral", in short OZAK, which included north-eastern Italy and parts of present western Slovenia and Croatia) in late 1943, he took with him a group of around 100 men who had run the notorious Aktion Reinhard extermination camps - Belzec, Treblinka, Sobibor - where 1.5 million people (mostly Jews) had been killed.

This book describes the little-known activities of this group, known as Abteilung R, in the OZAK region from 1943 to 1945. Here they not only continued persecuting Jews, but also became involved in the fight against the armed resistance movement, participated in security tasks, anti-partisan operations, retaliation operations including arresting and killing of civilians, and ran the infamous Risiera di San Sabba police camp in Trieste.

One section deals with the Lipa massacre (a village between Trieste in italy and Rjieka in Croatia) of 30 April 1944, where almost 300 civilians were killed, arguing that elements of this unit were responsible for the massacre. The possibility is also analysed that Abteilung R was also responsible for the massacre in Avasinis (a village north of Udine) where 51 civilians were killed on 2 May 1945.

The book also covers the SS-Wachmannschaften (SS guards units) of the OZAK, military units that were formed locally and had links with Abteilung R.

Chapters are included on uniforms and insignia, weapons and vehicles, as well as many photographs related to anti-partisan operations in the region.
Chapter listing from one of the authors :



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Salvaging History: The epic salvage of shipwrecks in postwar Greece

Post by Dido » 15 Mar 2017 16:31

Dear friends, I would like to inform you of a new publication. The book "Salvaging History: The epic salvage of shipwrecks in postwar Greece" that was written by Kostas Thoctarides and Aris Bilalis. Unfortunately the book is currently available in Greek language only, although there is the willingness to have it translated in English sometime in the future.

The book aims to present the arduous work of the Organization of Shipwreck Salvage (O.A.N.) as well of the independent salvors that flourished in the first post-war decades.
Through the narration of the salvage operations, the reader is given detailed information about the condition of wrecks before their salvage and of their final disposition. This is something that was not previously covered in the existing Greek literature and most Greek wrecks were noted by a generic "salvaged by O.A.N.". However we were able to discover files from O.A.N.'s original archive and combined with many years of research in the Shipregisters we found out that several WWII wrecks were not simply scrapped but enjoyed second lives!

In the book's 286 pages, there are 190 b/w photographs that in their vast majority were never published before, many derived from OAN's archive.

Aside from the historic data, the book includes narations from the last living divers that worked in those salvage operations. They personally described to the authors how they performed their work in the deep under the austere conditions of that period.

The book is currently available only in Greek and one can acquire it at the publisher's website at ... CE%B1.html
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Re: Books published by members

Post by Annelie » 15 Mar 2017 17:03


Very interesting unfortunately I cannot read Greek.

Does your book refer to U-133 and Werner Hartman a KTB war technical correspondent?

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"Shipwrecks of the Greek Seas. Dive into their history"

Post by Dido » 16 Mar 2017 15:21

Hello Anelie

U-133 remains where she sunk, so she is not included in the book. However, two years ago we had our first book "Shipwrecks of the Greek Seas. Dive into their history" published by the Aikaterini Laskaridi Foundation.
The book is a bilingual edition (Greek/English) and it includes 20 shipwrecks of the 20th century, all iron ships. One of the chapters is devoted to U-133 with extended information on her loss and description of the wreck.
The 20 covered shipwrecks are:
the paddle steamer PATRIS, passenger ship CLIO, ocean liner BURDIGALA, HMHS BRITANNIC, destroyer YDRA, submarine HMS PERSEUS, submarine U-133, destroyer VASILISSA OLGA, passenger ship (troopship) ARDENA, cargo ship ORIA, cargo ship ANITA, cargo ship MARS, passenger ship ATHINA, passenger ship HEIMARRA, cargo ship PORTUGAL, passenger ship PANORMITIS, Landing Craft Medium MERLIN, and the cargo ships KASSANDRA, KYRA ELENI and APOLLONIA VI.
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Re: Books published by members

Post by Michael Miller » 16 Mar 2017 20:15

Volume 2 of Gauleiter: The Regional Leaders of the Nazi Party and Their Deputies is now available from Bender Publishing, although as I've told Roger, he needs to update his website and indicate that it is no longer "coming soon" but rather, "now available". ... IEW-1.html

~ Mike
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Re: Books published by members

Post by Jeremy Dixon » 19 Mar 2017 18:56

Great news Mike


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Re: Books published by members

Post by Border » 20 Mar 2017 16:44

'The March East 1945' my account of the evacuation of Oflag IX A/H and IX A/Z eastwards in March and April 1945 is still available. It puts the marches by the two camps into the context of the German and Allied operations and their impact on the civilian population in Central Germany. Published by The History Press, UK, there's more at ... 0752471252.

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Re: Books published by members

Post by siebenberger » 21 Mar 2017 02:59


I would like to let members know that I have self published my father's autobiography about his experiences as a Reconnaissance Platoon Commander in the SS-AA 11 "Nordland". He was an ethnic German in the Romanian Army and later transferred to the Waffen-SS. The book is his personal journey, what he did and how he survived the war. The book is called "Heltau : The Autobiography of Heinz "Henry" Bonfert . This is not a technical book, there seems to be a lot of those available, rather it is a personal memoir. It is his Story and he gives a lot of insight into his frame of mind and mental state as young man of 21 years old thrust into WW2. I recommend members click on the Amazon link at the top of this forum and search for "Heltau" so that if you decide to purchase the Kindle or book version, Axishistory will get credit. ... inw_strp_1

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Re: Books published by members

Post by equirhodont » 03 Apr 2017 14:03

Few days ago I self published my book "SS-Totenkopfring - Himmleruv prsten cti".
- 800 pages, full of fotos.
1st part - history of the ring (cca. 300 pages)
2nd part - author´s collection (26 rings - Sepp Dietrich, Karl Ullrich, F.X. Schwarz, Herbert Schulze...)
more info at:
video here:


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Re: Books published by members

Post by Felix C » 06 Jun 2017 00:41

Hello, thought to add mine: V188 My Torpedoboat War Missions by Lt. Friedrich von Callisen.

I translated and in include extra information verifying accounts in the book. Hope you all enjoy.

A rare opportunity to view a German Torpedo boat commander’s view of the war, 1914-1915. Lt. Callisen recounts his immediate pre and early war experience commanding torpedo boat V188 to include the Heligoland Bight action, the Whitby and Hartlepool bombardments, the routines and dangers of patrols and sorties in the Heligoland Bight to finally include his account of being torpedoed by H.M. submarine E.16. Assigned to command torpedoboat V191, Callisen recounts his experiences in the Baltic in later 1915 culminating in the double sinking of V191 and the cruiser S.M.S Breman to Russian mines. ... words=v188
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German Intelligence and Security Agencies in Greece 1941-1944

Post by byron 1 » 10 Jun 2017 11:19

my new book with the tittle "German Intelligence and Security Agencies in Greece 1941-1944" is avaliable.
Price 29,00 Euros + shipping
255 pages A 4
Language: English

German intel cover1.png
German Intelligence activities in Greece
The Abwehr in Greece before the Occupation
Agencies and units of the Abwehr in Greece
The Abwehr in occupied Greece
Kdo-chain of AST-Athens
The Gruppen of Ast I Athens
Sub - stations of Ast Athens
Abwehrstelle Salonika
Abwehr agents Salonika
Outposts of the Ast Salonika in the regions occupied by Bulgarian Forces
Sub-stations of Ast Salonika – the East Aegean Island Networks
Special agent personalities of Ast Athens
The Abwehrtrupps and the Frontaufklärungstrupps (FAT)
The FATs in the Balkans
Höherer SS und Polizeiführer GRIECHENLAND
SIPO – S.D. in Athens
SIPO – S.D. outpost Salonika IV B4
SIPO – S.D. in other cities
Abwehr-Kdo. or Dienststelle 2000 and 3000
Abwehr-Kdo. or Dienststelle 2000 in Salonika
Personalities of the Salonika Abwehr Agents
Abwehr-Kdo. or Dienststelle 3000 in Athens
Post occupational sabotage network of Dienststelle 3000
Political espionage of Dienststelle 3000
Other German intelligence service enterprises
Personalities of the Athenian network of Dienststelle 3000
Τhe Italian section
The super spy LUDEWIG August
Subsequent movements and activities generally
Other activities of LUDEWIG
The deserter Ustuf Georg Kronberger
The poisoning of the preacher of Kapandhriti
Geheime Feldpolizei (GFP)
Dr.Roman Loos, the“British Mission” and the Don STOOT case
GFP 510 in Salonika, Athens and Rhodes
GFP 611 in Salonika, Athens and Crete
GFP 621 in Salonika and its outposts
GFP 640 in Athens and Piraeus
Interrogation reports of the interpreter Georgios Karatzas
Bibliography in this research
On one's own account
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