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Re: German Intelligence and Security Agencies in Greece 1941-1944

Post by pim » 11 Jun 2017 21:50

Looks interesting. How can one obtain this book?
Thanks in advance.

byron 1
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Re: German Intelligence and Security Agencies in Greece 1941-1944

Post by byron 1 » 12 Jun 2017 17:16

Hi Peter,
i sent you a mail


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Re: German Intelligence and Security Agencies in Greece 1941-1944

Post by G. Trifkovic » 28 Jun 2017 15:19

Congratulations on your new book, Byron!



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To live well is to hide well - Sikorski

Post by youngbruno » 28 Jul 2017 07:19

I have finally written and published my book called ' To Live Well is to Hide Well ' those involved from this forum I thankyou and appreciated your help and acceptance of my content of the manuscript at the time.
For those who dont know me I am the son of Poland's most secretive top Political Assassin and probably of the 20th century without doubt.
Hired by 3 x Armies during the course of the war to "fix things" he was unwittingly unleashed against his own Commander in Chief and Prime Minister General Wladyslaw Sikorski.
He unfortunately assassinated him, no not him personally as no one touched Sikorski, rather he altered the structure of the planes performance.
This information is backed by Polish Historians and WW2 Air Crash Investigator "Garth Barnard" and other aviation experts all agree to this specific thing.
He was indeed a master of disguise and with the ZJ printing department (as a Salamander) he had fake identity, fake Military Rank and so became "1 of 12 " of Sikorski's bodyguards.
Upon a "signal" on the radio to carry out the task, the rest is history.
The book is Non-fiction, based on True Life confessions that has waited 74 years to come out.
The book is available online exclusively only at

Or type into Google " to live well is to hide well "


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Update on my current titles

Post by kurt1943 » 13 Aug 2017 11:28

For Schiffer:

Dietrich's Warriors - History of the 3. Kompanie, 1. SS-Pz.Gren.Rgt. LSSAH. pub. 2004, ISBN10-13: 0764319841 : 9780764319846

Waffen-SS Knights and Their Battles: Volume 1 - 1939 to 1942 - pub. 2008, ISBN10-13: 0764330888 : 9780764330889

Waffen-SS Knights and Their Battles: Volume 2 - January to July 1943 - pub. 2010, ISBN10-13: 0764335278 : 9780764335273

Waffen-SS Knights and Their Battles: Volume 3 - August to December 1943 - pub. 2012, ISBN10-13: 0764342738 : 9780764342738

Waffen-SS Knights and Their Battles: Volume 4 - January to May 1944 - pub. 2016, ISBN10-13: 0764351893 : 9780764351891

Volume 5 of the above series is nearing completion and will cover June to August 1944, but will be the thickest volume yet - a busy time for the men of the Waffen-SS! (expect 2 more volumes to conclude this series)

The above series covers each of the Waffen-SS formations raised, their history and actions, then focuses in one each of the Waffen-SS Knight's Cross holders and the part they played in each battle. Each Vorschlag is translated in full (where available), with pre and post RK-award history on each soldier. Maps have also been created to plot each action and how each Knight's Cross action related to one another. Demjansk, Kharkov and Kursk maps make for interesting viewing.

The first 4 volumes have forewords from Waffen-SS Knight's Cross holders.

For Loyalty and Honour Publishing:

My Brother in Arms - The story of Kurt Sametreiter and Heinz Klose - pub. 2013 (only 1 copy of this volume left in stock). 350 photos and documents from the Kurt Sametreiter archive.

My Brother in Arms - The Lost Archive - pub. 2015 (out of print). Additional 300 photos and documents discovered after the death of Kurt's wife in 2014.

Currently working on the English translation of 'Tiger in Berlin' by Georg Diers, but that English language version will come with some additions from Oskar Schafer and also a 33 page memoir from Henri Fenet, covering his recollections of the Berlin fighting. Therefore 3 of the Berlin fighter's stories in their own words. This will be ready before the end of 2017.

Further titles for LAH Publishing are waiting in the wings, just need to find the time to write them!


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Re: Books published by members

Post by Truckman » 16 Sep 2017 23:58

Here is the thread announcing my small contribution to the world's war library: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=230702

Any comments are appreciated...Thanks... 8O ...Ben

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Re: Books published by members

Post by Ponomarenko » 16 Nov 2017 22:48

My new book:

Roman Ponomarenko "SS-Gallizische Freiwillige Regiments 1943-1944".
Ternopil, 2017, 264 pages, 143 Picture, more of them from private collectors. Ukrainian language.

Book cover detailed history SS-Gall Frw. Regiments 4-8 and two reserve SS-Galizien Bataillons - Heidenheim and Tarbes. These were separate ukrainian waffen-SS formations, not part of 14 SS-Freiw. Div "Galizien".
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Re: Books published by members

Post by antoniojmunoz » 17 Nov 2017 13:32

I would also like to mention my new book on the GFP in Greece: "The German Secret Field Police in Greece, 1941-1944" which will be released in January 2018. The book is now being advertised in, Walmart, B&N, and even Target department stores (online). Mr. Tesapsides commented to me that he actually tapped into my doctoral dissertation while researching his book. I believe both titles will shed greater light on the activities of the GFP in Greece.

Dr. Antonio J. Munoz ... dpSrc=srch

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Re: Books published by members

Post by antoniojmunoz » 17 Nov 2017 13:34

I would also like to mention my new book on the GFP in Greece: "The German Secret Field Police in Greece, 1941-1944" which will be released in January 2018. The book is now being advertised in, Walmart, B&N, and even Target department stores (online). Mr. Tesapsides commented to me that he actually tapped into my doctoral dissertation while researching his book. I believe both titles will shed greater light on the activities of the GFP in Greece.

Dr. Antonio J. Munoz ... dpSrc=srch
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Re: Books published by members

Post by demir » 10 Dec 2017 17:38

By Demir Erman

Often and incorrectly referred to as the “Gallipoli Star” or “Iron Half-Moon”, my interest in the Harp Madalyasi (War Medal), started a few years ago and I was immediately confronted with a myriad of unanswered questions due to the general lack of substantiated information on the subject. Luckily, I befriended other collectors interested in this award and eventually met the author in one of these online forums. First, let me say, that a printed reference on this subject was long overdue and I could not think of a better, more knowledgeable person, to bring this subject to light.

The book briefly discusses the history of the Ottoman Empire and how it’s military awards came into being, along with the European influence on design and purpose that led to the establishment of the War Medal. Various battles and campaigns are mentioned and examples of the various clasps often encountered on the War Medal ribbon are also shown.

One of the book’s highlights centers around the award regulations and amendments that applied, which are shown in great detail and reprinted with full translations. This is something many references overlook and often the collector has to rely on hearsay or other collector opinions, which often lead to confusion or erroneous statements as facts.

With the actual regulations, there can be no dispute on the how or why certain things will be seen with this award. I also think the author clearly shows how military awards were viewed by the War Ministry and that the only true War Medal officially produced and awarded, was the painted enamel version, while the rest were simply jeweler’s or aftermarket versions produced for those individuals that wanted a better quality medal for wear after the fact.

Though various versions of the TWM are shown in the book, as well as packets of issue and other items, due to the numerous varieties produced after the war and the fact not all have been seen, this is not an all-inclusive list of the different manufacturers. Considering many previously unseen versions are still coming to light even today, hopefully more information on these varieties can be shown in future editions.

Overall, I thought the book was good and of particular value to the collector interested in the Harp Madalyasi. I know some may find the book smaller in size and not as expansive as some of the other militaria references coming out these days but, considering that very little information is readily available on this medal, let alone Turkish awards in general, this book is a very good deal in my opinion. It’s not always the size or print quality of an item, but the information it presents that determines it’s full value.

I think many will appreciate Demir’s efforts here and certainly, the price is a bargain compared to many other references currently on the market. The regulations alone make the book worthwhile!

Tim" ... ?p=5181726 ... ok-review/

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Re: Books published by members

Post by U-156 » 30 Dec 2017 05:53

Hello all,

I just published a book with McFarland Publishing called the Kaiser's Lost Kreuzer about the small campaign the Germans waged with a few long range submarines in the waters off the coasts of West Africa, Gibraltar, and North America in late 1917 and 1918. The work is one of the few published on the only combat actions to occur in the North American theater besides the activities of German saboteurs. I look forward to any questions or comments you may have as I really do enjoy this topic and have been working on it diligently for about four years now. However, I am a lifer when it comes to anything World War I. See the relevant links at bottom. Also available on multiple Amazon pages in several different European countries. US Amazon link is represented below. (Great/rare U-boat photos) ... 1476671621 ... 766-7162-8



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Re: Books published by members

Post by dreamphoto » 07 Apr 2018 21:18

Dear friends,
I want to inform you that the new book "Serbian Army ~ Weapons of Victory ~ 1914-1918 ~ Volume I", which I co-authored with John P. Sheehan, finally came out from the press !
The book is a new comprehensive work on the small arms, bayonets and ammunition used by the Serbian Army during the course of World War One. “Serbian Army ~ Weapons of Victory ~ 1914-1918 Volume I” is 468 hard-bound pages of detailed information, period photographs and color photographs of the various firearms, bayonets and ammunition issued to the Serbian soldiers who served in the front-line trenches during the course of the Great War.

The book includes a history of the campaigns fought by the Serbs against the Austro-Hungarians, Germans and Bulgarians. The numerous models of Mauser designs purchased on contract from Mauser Oberndorf, DWM and Steyr of Austria, are addressed from the design phase, through trials and ultimately to their use on the battlefields of the Balkans. The Russian supplied Berdan II and M1891 Three-Line Rifles, aka Mosin-Nagants, which were used to great effect in defeating two Austro-Hungarian invasions, are discussed in detail. Captured and re-issued enemy weapons from the Austrians and Bulgarians were pressed into service. Turkish weapons captured during the 1st Balkan War were also issued to Serbian units during WWI, with a chapter devoted to Turkish Mausers and Peabody-Martinis.

Following the collapse of the Serbian front through weight of numbers, the remnants of the Serbian Army escaped over the snow bound mountains of Albania to be rescued by the Allied Navies. Following the recovery and reorganization of the surviving Serbs, they were re-equipped with French firearms and deployed on the Salonika Front where they fought for the remainder of the war.

Volume I will be followed by Volume II that will cover machine-guns and field artillery, while Volume III will cover uniforms, equipment and close combat weapons.

To order a copy, email at In Europe, the book sells for 80 Euros plus shipping. Thank you for your interest in our work!
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Re: Books published by members

Post by fenet_45 » 12 Apr 2018 12:09

Price of the Oath - French Waffen SS Bataillon during battle of Berlin

Dear Friends. Cause of lack of interest of "official" publishing houses I've deceided to not publish printed version of the book. I have profesionally edited, high quality PDF files, prepared by Helion and I want to sell it in e-book format. Anyone interested in? Including samples, you can deceide yourself. Price for complete book (250 pages main book + plus two colour sections and big Berlin map) is 7 GBP / 8 EUR. Paypal accepted. Send me PM please. Will send book by wetransfer, or email. What you prefer. Thank you! You can contact me by facebook:


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Re: Books published by members

Post by DarrenMarshall » 06 May 2018 21:22

I would like to mention my book, it's about a few stories of WWII, and this is the Vol.I ... 173&sr=1-1

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Re: Books published by members

Post by Dieter Zinke » 18 May 2018 13:06

Dieter Zinke wrote:Andreas Schulz / Dieter Zinke
Die Militärverwaltungsbeamten der deutschen Wehrmacht im Generalsrang
Verlag Veit Scherzer, Bayreuth.
Date of publication 01.12.2015.

See detailed

Andreas Schulz & Dieter Zinke
A meaningful review:
Militaergeschichtliche Zeitschrift, Band 77, Heft 1, Seiten 257 - 259.
Potsdam. Publiziert von De Gruyter. 30.04.2018
Besprochen von Carsten Siegel: Potsdam ... eamten.pdf

Andreas Schulz und Dieter Zinke, Die Militärverwaltungsbeamten der deutschen
Wehrmacht im Generalsrang, Bayreuth: Scherzer 2015, 712 S., EUR 89,00
[ISBN 978-3-938845-60-8]

Als Historiker/-in weiß man den Wert eines guten Nachschlagewerkes zu schätzen: die Recherche nach Entscheidungsträgern, Funktionspersonal oder Institutionen und anderem mehr ist zumeist aufwendig und zeitintensiv. Abhilfe schaffen können in solchen Fällen meist umfangreiche Nachschlagewerke und Enzyklopädien. ………
Ein erfreulicher Zuwachs zur Gruppe dieser Nachschlagewerke stellt das vorliegende Buch von Andreas Schulz und Dieter Zinke zu den “Militärverwaltungsbeamten der Wehrmacht im Generalsrang“ dar, schließt es doch eine bisher noch bestehende Lücke. ……
Ein umfangreiches Quellenverzeichnis rundet die Biografien ab. Gerade in der Quellenauswertung liegt auch die große Stärke der vorliegenden Arbeit. So haben die Verfasser unter anderem Bestände in mehr als 30 Archiven für die einzelnen Beiträge herangezogen……
Das Nachschlagewerk von Schulz und Zinke richtet sich vor allem an ausgewiesene Fachleute, für die es eine außerordentliche Arbeitserleichterung darstellt.
….. überwiegen die Positiva deutlich: Das große Plus des Werkes stellt die große und gut recherchierte Quellenbasis dar. Auch die detailreichen Informationen zur Organisationsstruktur der einzelnen Wirtschaftsstäbe und deren Stellenbesetzung müssen lobend herausgehoben werden. In der Summe stellt das vorliegende Nachschlagewerk
eine immense Arbeitserleichterung dar und wird ohne Zweifel seinen berechtigten Platz in jeder Fachbibliothek finden.

As a historian, you appreciate the value of a good reference work: the search for decision makers, functional staff or institutions and other more is usually time-consuming and expensive. Remedying in such cases usually extensive reference works and encyclopedias. .........
The present book by Andreas Schulz and Dieter Zinke on the "Militärverwaltungsbeamten der Wehrmacht im Generalsrang " represents a welcome addition to the group of these reference works, as it closes a still existing gap. ......
An extensive source list completes the biographies. Especially in the source evaluation lies the great strength of the present work. For example, the authors used holdings in more than 30 archives for the individual contributions ......
The reference book by Schulz and Zinke is aimed primarily at proven professionals, for whom it represents an extraordinary relief.
... .. positives outweigh: The great plus of the work is the large and well-researched source base. The detailed information on the organizational structure of the individual economic staff and their staffing must be praised. In sum, the present reference works
represents an immense workload and will undoubtedly find its rightful place in every specialized library.

Dieter Zinke

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