Book Review II

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Book Review II

Post by sniper1shot » 29 Dec 2004 01:29

Title: The Last Gentleman of War
Author: R.K. Lochner
ISBN: 1-55750-538-1 (alk. paper)
Publisher: Navel Institute Press
Stars: 5
(out of 5)
I mistakenly asked for this book thinking it covered an auxillary cruiser of the German Navy in WORLD WAR II. Well Christmas this year and the book arrives. It is a book of an Auxillary Cruiser but in WORLD WAR I !!
As I enjoy the books on aux cruisers (Kormoran, Pinguin) I read it. BOY oh BOY, was I NOT disappointed.
This book starts off with the ship in a Chinese port, under German control, and pretty much goes through the paces of the beginning of the war right on up to war being declared against Germany.
I found this book exciting and couldn't put the book down. I felt I was there with the crews as they captured and then either sank or kept each ship. I felt the nerves of the crew as they knew that the British, French, Russian and Japanese navies, well a good portion of them, were after them. All for ONE ship!!!
The SMS EMDEN was finally cornered and destroyed in a running battle with the HMAS SYDNEY. The Chapters cover the beginning and the end of the Raider and also covers what happened to the crew as POW's, wounded, and those killed. One chapter also covers what happened to a landing party (who missed the battle) when the ship was destroyed. Over 50 crew members survived a trek/sail half-way around the world to make it back to German lines. This in itself made a good read.
Highly recommended for naval buffs and people who are just looking for a good read......even for a WWII buff like myself.

Uncle Joe
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Post by Uncle Joe » 29 Dec 2004 19:47

Thanks for the reviews! Guess I gotta add this one to my wish list.

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