Book Review III

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Book Review III

Post by sniper1shot » 29 Dec 2004 01:32

Title: The Pacific War Day by Day
Author: John Davison
ISBN: 0-7603-2067-5
Publisher: Zenith Press
Stars: 4
(out of 5)
I know this is an Allied book but it does cover Germany's axis partner

Ok, this book is what it says it is.....a day by day account of the Pacific War. It has some days describing an unopposed landing on a small island right up to a day describing a turning point of the war. As I am NOT an expert on the Pacific war I do believe it is well researched.
There are side bars describing major personalities ie: Roosevelt, King, Yamamoto etc. also Tactics, Weapons and Key Moments (Battles). This would made good reading for the uniformed just in itself.
The Pictures are Excellant. There are photos of just about everything you would want to see in the Pacific war. Flamethrower Shermans, Submarines and also some pics of Japanese attacking tanks, Japanese subs and of course many aircraft...though MOST of the Japanese aircraft are destroyed photos. There are also quite a few pics of dead Japanese and not very many Allied soldier casualties (guess there wasn't that many) .
The book is very good for the person who knows NOTHING on the Pacific war or maybe for someone who wants to know what happened on a certain day or month. I felt it was leaning (heavily) toward the American side even in the early stages of the war, when the allies were losing, and NOT a neutral book. This is just my opinion.

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