Book Review!! Title- FEUER!

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Book Review!! Title- FEUER!

Post by sniper1shot » 06 Mar 2005 02:49

Title: Feuer!
Author: Werner Adamczyk
ISBN: 0-916107-97-3
Publisher: Broadfoot
Stars: 5
(out of 5)
Well, another book completed for me. I was NOT disappointed to say the least on this one. Especially since it took me ages to find a copy.
Book starts off with the author in his home and the rise of Hitler and the Nation Socialist Party....Hitler Youth and his civilian work. It then goes into his eventual drafting into the artillery and his training.
Then the chapters go into the invasion of Russia and the battles that he fought incl his fast movements forward and the Russian mud after the rains in the Fall. Battles around Leningrad and then the battles of '43 incl the later stages of Kursk.
Book ends with the eventual withdrawls through Russia, Poland and then Berlin itself where the unit eventually disbanded. The author talks about living, finding work and trying to find relatives after the war and his immigration to the US.
This book incl surviving a bomber attack in Hamburg, going on leave, surviving wounds, and of course losing friends....both in the war and at the end of it, and the endless artillery duels and fighting tanks with arty.
I especially liked the human content of this soldiers war.........humour, sadness, fear (lots of it) and excitment.
Highly recommended !! For the human content as well as the battle scenes and descriptions!

Now for the interesting part. I KNOW where you can find 6 copies, first editions, never read books !!! PM me only if interested for address. This is where I found my copy. They are a bit expensive too. :wink:

Remember, this is only my review and if any questions please PM or reply here.

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