Book Review-Dunkirk

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Book Review-Dunkirk

Post by sniper1shot » 06 Jun 2005 03:06

Title: Dunkirk
Author: Robert Jackson
ISBN: 1-898-80009-X
Publisher: Rigel
Stars: 4
(Out of 5)

Well, here I am again. Finally getting back into the reviews. Please remember that my reviews are how I see it
This book is all on the BEF evacuation from France. It starts off with where the units are when the Germans invade. It also has some good descriptions of the battles and personal accounts of what the individual soldiers saw. Mostly Allied though there is one pers account from a German pilot (shot down, captured, escaped).
The chapters also cover the air battles, and the sea battles, on top of all the land battles. There was one account that I never knew of, so that was a pleasant surprise.
I did get lost with all the unit movements in some areas, but this didn't subtract from the over all book.
Well worth the read if you know nothing at all on the BEF's evacuation of France or Operation Dynamo.

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