Book review: Hungary, 1944-1945 - The Forgotten Tragedy

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Book review: Hungary, 1944-1945 - The Forgotten Tragedy

Post by Klar zum Gefecht ! » 28 Jul 2005 09:33

I have just finished reading Hungary 1944-45: the forgotten tragedy by the dutch author Perry Pierik.

I have mixed feelings about it:

on one hand it's really not a research work, it's based (you could sometimes almost call it plagiarism) only on what has already been written in better books from Maier, Gosztonyi, Rauchensteiner, Hilberg, terribly lacks maps (only 2 or 3 in 280 pages, no maps at all on the austrian operations) and the english edition has several translation & typos errors.

on the other hand there are no real hudge mistakes and it's rather pleasant to read, less "dry" than the divisional histories kind of books. It's an easy and quick read and you'll find all the basics about the last year of the war in south eastern europe packed together.

My conclusion is that it's no bad a synthesis. You can buy it if you don't know anything about the war in hungary and wish to have a summary...
or even if you know everything and still want a summary (it's even better since you'll be able to correct the author's small mistakes and use the small map companion to georg maier's Drama between Budapest and Vienna )

For those who can read german I'd recommend Gosztonyi's Endkampf an der Donau, an older but standard work on this topic, also in the synthesis genre.

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Post by Jan-Hendrik » 28 Jul 2005 10:31

Not to forget Ungvarys "Die Schlacht um Budapest 1944/45 Stalingrad an der Donau" which is great work on this topic , too ...


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