German divisional histories - quality and availability

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Re: German divisional histories - quality and availability

Post by Dutto1 » 19 Sep 2016 23:14

krichter33 wrote:"Ghost Division" the new 11. Panzer Division history by Ganz from Stackpole books in now available. I haven't read it yet, but going through it reveals it to be very detailed, based on a lot of primary archival sources...
Does the book have many eyewitness accounts mixed into the text <



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Re: German divisional histories - quality and availability

Post by krichter33 » 20 Sep 2016 01:22

not much at all, just some...

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Re: German divisional histories - quality and availability

Post by MDPiii » 26 Aug 2017 19:40

I am primarily interested in specific unit records for 4.Batterie/Flak Regiment 9 “Legion Condor” - specifically involving noon July 2, 1944 at Mostar-Sud Airfield in Bosnia Herzogovenia. Does anyone know how to access Luftwaffe records, say, via Bundesarchives? I am particularly interested in what has been recorded elsewhere as a strafing attack by a single U.S. P-51. The Mustang was reported destroyed by the flak battery, its pilot killed along with several members of the gun crew. I'm interested in any details of the attack, confirmation of what has been reported elsewhere, other damage inflicted on German aircraft, and recovery of the pilot's body, First Lieutenant Ralph K. Hofer of Missouri.

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Re: German divisional histories - quality and availability

Post by Jan-Hendrik » 27 Nov 2017 14:19

Richard Hargreaves wrote:Ewald Klapdor, Mit den Panzerregiment 5 Wiking im Osten, Selbstverlag, 1981

As I wrote in previous post this cost me a lot of money (120 Euros 8O). And as Trollelite pointed out "that one is good". Oh yes. Not, perhaps 120 Euros of goodness. But then how do you ever put a value on a good book... :D

Anyway, what you get, as with all Klapdor's books - Die Entscheidung: Invasion 1944 and Der Ostfeldzug - this is a unit history mixed with memoir (there's more of the former than the latter). And it's first rate. Klapdor obviously spent a lot of time tracking down veterans for their diaries, memoirs and battle reports. He also spent considerable time digging out maps, war diaries and other material at BA-MA.

The net result is one of the very best unit histories and, for a privately-published affair, it's very nicely produced (colour maps in some cases, no less; I actually like the contemporary maps being reproduced, but that's a 'me thing').

For anyone writing about the Caucasus (me), Cherkassy pocket, Warsaw 1944 and Hungary and Austria 1945 (me too one day...), it's a must have. Such a shame that copies are so few and far between and when they do appear they they cost a fortune. :(
Just ordered a copy....via amazon, for 29,80€ 8-) :lol:

All the best


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