Book Review: Kamikaze (Total Crap)

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Book Review: Kamikaze (Total Crap)

Post by sniper1shot » 07 Aug 2005 04:57

Title: Kamikaze Japan's suicide samurai
Author: Roymond Lamont-Brown
ISBN: 1-898-79981-4
Publisher: Rigel
Stars: 1
(out of 5)

Alright, this is the worst review I have EVER GIVEN. Seriously. The only saving grace is that I did not pay too much for it.
This book could of been a nice read if not for the authors (editors) Glaring mistakes and/or lack of research.
Chapter 3 is by far the worst one. In it the author states that during the Doolittle Raid in '42 all the Americans landed in China and were rescued successfully. FALSE. 1 plane landed in Russia and 15 in China. 8 crew were captured by the Japanese and 3 of these were beheaded. 3 of the other crew died before being rescued. (I found this out in 5 min of surfing on the web).
The Author also states that crashing a plane into a ship was not only in the Japanese code as an American plane also crashed into a Japanese Crusier, the IJN Mikuma. He then states that the ship sank the next day and leaves the reader to believe that the American strike caused this.....never mentioning that the Cruiser COLLIDED with another ship and was sunk by the Japanese. Up to the collission, it was sailing under it's own power.
As for the book itself..the authour goes into so many Japanese words in each sentence that the reader is soon baffled at what each word means or meant. It is as if the author is showing his knowledge of the Japanese.
I soon found myself FIGHTING to get through this book as I started to disbelieve anything and everything that was written.
NOT recommended buyer beware!! There are better books on this subject out there.

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