Review - Mailed Fist: 6th Armd Div at war by Ken Ford

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Review - Mailed Fist: 6th Armd Div at war by Ken Ford

Post by Larso » 28 Oct 2005 13:20

This unit history was published this year by Sutton Publishing. 213 pages

I liked this book. Ford has written a solid account of this unit's actions in Tunisia and later Italy. On this basis alone it is a useful source for these two under-reported theatres. It is quite interesting comparing the two quite different campaigns. In Tunisia the Div generally fought as a complete unit and was involved in several sweeping moves. Italy however, generally saw the Div's units supporting other formations. Regardless, Ford has included quite a few good first person accounts of the fighting. I was particuarly pleased to see the division's infantry get a proper go in terms of their part in combat. As for the armour, it's first encounters with Tigers are fascinating and show that they weren't all powerful. What does come out very clearly though is that despite their ongoing victories, the units regts and battalions suffered their share of horrendous casualties.

The author pays good attention to the divisions various battle order changes. He also gives a fair introduction to Britains's development of it's armoured forces. If you are interested in collecting unit histories, this is a very worthy account to have on your shelf.


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