Review: A Question of Honor

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Review: A Question of Honor

Post by sniper1shot » 20 Mar 2006 02:23

Title: A Question of Honor
Authour: Lynne Olson & Stanley Cloud
Publisher: Vintage Books
ISBN: 0-375-72625-X
Stars: 5
(out of 5)

Well, this book had me intreged from cover to cover. I litterally read the final 2 chapters into the early morning hours.
This book is all about Poland and some extaordinary pilots that defied all odds to continue the fight to free Poland.
It begins with the intro of some key figures and a bried history of Poland. The chapters continue into the German invasion and the pilots flight to freedom to France and then England. How they were received and treated in both countries was a definate eye opener to me.
The middle chapters describe the Katyn massacre of Polish officers, the Warsaw uprising and the Polish land forces fighting in Italy. A brief description of how the Russians treated their Polish "allies" is also there.
Then end chapters are into what happened at wars end to the pilots (and soldiers/sailors) of Poland and how England treated them. A very sad footnote of Britain for sure.

What I really found exciting about this book is all the politics that happened with Britain, Russia, the USA and Poland, though most of it was behind Polands back. How Churchill and Roosevelt tried to manipulate Stalin but in the end were manipulated themselves. The book also ties into how certain questions I had always wondered about Poland and Russia, were finally answered.

Highly recommended for sure for both the amature history buff and the well researched one too.

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