Review: Japanese Destroyer Captain

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Review: Japanese Destroyer Captain

Post by sniper1shot » 02 Apr 2006 02:38

Title: Japanese Destroyer Captain
Authour: Capt Tameichi Hara w/Fred Saito and Roger Pineau
Publisher:Ballantine Books
Stars: 5
(out of 5)

Picked this paperback up for a really sweet price of .59cents and could not put the book down. I would of paid for the hard cover if I found it. It is that well written.
This book follows the life of Capt. Hara from his birth to the end of the war in the Pacific. The chapters of his early childhood are small as the "meat" of the book are the battles he fought in the Pacific.
The other chapters cover his training in Eta Jima and his postings to various ships before the war.
The chapters of the war cover his command of Destroyers during Guadalcanal, Midway and some smaller battles of Vella Gulf and Vella Lavella etc.
What I like about this book is that Capt. Hara is very critical of his peers and himself....not to mention his former American enemies. He says what mistakes he makes and also what mistakes the enemy Capt's make too.
Some small footnotes are where he names certain persons when he knows them or when he has found them a pilot that was shot down or an enemy Destroyer Capt that he had fought.
The last chapter of the book has him in command of the Cruiser Yahagi in which is sunk from under him in the final sortie of the Imperial Navy.
Quite an eye opener from the other side of the Pacific.
Definately Recommended.

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David C. Clarke
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Post by David C. Clarke » 02 Apr 2006 03:23

Dan, you don't know how lucky you were! That book usually goes for around $25.00 because it is a classic and never came out in hardcover. It hasn't been in print in at least a decade. It is the only published account by a Japanese Destroyer Captain in WWII!
There are debatable issues in the book, but it is still one of the starting points for anyone interested in the Imperial Japanese Navy.


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Post by sniper1shot » 02 Apr 2006 03:31

No kidding eh. Well, the cover is in rough shape and the dealer probably did not know it's true worth.
I guess every book can be debatable with certain points but I found his critique of his peers/himself and the Americans really good. Something different that you don't see too often.

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