Review: The Killing Time

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Review: The Killing Time

Post by sniper1shot » 02 Apr 2006 03:28

Title: The Killing Time The German U-Boats 1914-1918
Authour: Edwyn A. Gray
Publisher: Pan Books Ltd
ISBN: 0-330-24285-7
Stars: 4
(out of 5)

I quickly picked this book off a shelf thinking it was about the U-Boats of WWII but after getting home found it to be on U-Boats of WWI.
So, I read it anyways and found it an extremely interesting. All the main Captains that I had read about in WWII books were there, Weddigen, Neumann, and Hersing.
The chapters start with a brief description of submarine development and then go into German interest in the undersea boats.
The chapters are well laid out in the early successes of the U-Boats and even the odd success of the Allied forces in defence against them. They go on to cover the Atlantic, US coast, and Mediterranean areas of operations and their success against the Allies there too.
The last chapters also cover the Allied response to the U-Boat threat and their eventual success over them.
Definately worth reading if you study the U-Boats.

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