Armádní muzeum in Prague

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Armádní muzeum in Prague

Post by Kessler » 01 Mar 2003 12:13

The Army Museum (Armádní muzeum) in Prague is well worth visiting. The time span exhibited is most interesting including the imperial times of Austria-Hungary 1871-1918 and of course the German occupation.

At the moment there is a special Reinhard Heydrich assasination theme for the obvious reason. Not too much equipment I´m afraid, just the compulsory T 34/85 and a Nebelwerfer to name a few but very nice 1/35 diodramas from WW2.

They had some heavy artillery at the gate last year but when I visited
the museum anew last month they had been taken to a new position...

My signature can been found in the guestbook: I´m the one complaining
the presence of the Elefant (instead of Ferdinand) in the Kursk diodrama.

The museum is easy to get: the nearest Metro station is Florenc; then take the bus to U Pamanitku. The museum lies on a hillside, you have to walk back (down) the street a little distance.

The Chech Republic also maintains an Aviation Museum in Kbely (w/ Me 262/Avia) and Military Technology Museum (JS 2 and 3, JSU 152, Mk IV I´ve been told) but they are only open during summer. More info can be obtained from: http//

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