Need help to identify german helmet

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Need help to identify german helmet

Post by Ace31 » 10 Mar 2015 10:11

Dear Sirs, I own this German helmet and I'd like to know from You experts, to which unit he belonged.
It has a single decal on the left side, now barely visible ... it seems the classic symbol of ss with the background in gold and edged in black, but it seems strange to me that there is no trace of the double-sig runes.
Inside are reported the size ET66 and batch number 354.
Any idea / suggestion?
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Re: Need help to identify german helmet

Post by kerryboo » 13 Sep 2017 10:32

Hello Ace31,
I just came across this thread. The shell is Wehrmacht, the decal for SS helmets was on the right side. I think that the normal eagle decal has changed colour with age and was originally silver. Age damage has obscured the eagle, but that is what the decal is. It is possible that it was Kriegsmarine, with a gold eagle.
It is a nice single decal Wehrmacht M40 helmet shell, a good collector's piece.

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