Use of Captured M1907 and USGI Slings?

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Use of Captured M1907 and USGI Slings?

Post by Hideyosho » 11 Dec 2018 19:12

Good morning people.

Since I'm currently working on some designs of snipers for some future projects, I came up with an unusual question... Were M1907 and USGI slings favored by the German and Italian snipers when they were available (read as pillaging them from corpses)?

I am aware of, at least, the German military of that time didn't promote the sling as a means of extra stability when shooting (However, I did find part of a Luftwaffe booklet showing pictures of the use of the hasty sling technique), hence why they didn't create something similar to the M1907 sling or the USGI web sling.

Perhaps German (or Italian) snipers, knowing their regular issue slings weren't that much of help when shooting, figured out M1907 and USGI slings were of help for this? Perhaps American soldiers carried instructional booklets of their use? As far as I know, the use of the M1907 was shown on a training video, but nothing about booklets soldiers carried with them.

I'm likely to believe Axis snipers did figure out how to use those slings, if they saw them any use aisde from carrying their rifles, of course.

Glad to hear your opinions.


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