Are these WW2 Japanese Binocs?

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Are these WW2 Japanese Binocs?

Post by Porcelain44 » 30 Aug 2019 14:47

Are these WW2 Japanese field binoculars? Never seen this pattern but I am told they were brought back by a Pacific War veteran. Lenses cloudy so cannot see if there are graticules or not. Made by NIKKO, who became Nikon after the war, I understand.
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John G.
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Re: Are these WW2 Japanese Binocs?

Post by John G. » 01 Sep 2019 14:48

I'm no expert on Japanese binoculars, but certainly Japanese ..... Even the neck strap says Japanese...... Not typical military issue (?), but nice IMO. There are people who can repair or repolish the lenses.
John G.

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Are these WW2 Japanese Binocs

Post by BeJimmieRaisa » 23 Sep 2019 13:14

Dont the original leather ones have a slick toe and a heavy rubber sole?
I have the slick leather toe lavers and they are HEAVY.

Also, I have never seen Lavers like these green ones IRL. Not sure.

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Waleed Y. Majeed
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Re: Are these WW2 Japanese Binocs?

Post by Waleed Y. Majeed » 23 Sep 2019 16:12

Hello porcelain44
This site and Mr. Braakhuis might be of some expert help.
He seems to know a bit about Nikko. According to his sources they produced binoculars from 1921 to 1948. ... culars.pdf


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Akira Takizawa
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Re: Are these WW2 Japanese Binocs?

Post by Akira Takizawa » 17 Apr 2020 12:45

"空技廠" is engraved on it. So, it is IJN binoculars. ... al_Arsenal


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