Tonscreiber Ton S.B1: Discussion

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Tonscreiber Ton S.B1: Discussion

Post by ArmchairSamurai » 14 Nov 2020 21:22

Hello all.

I've known about the wonderful machine known as Tonscreiber Ton S.B1 for some time now, but never really gave it much thought in regards to its potential wartime use. Just today I watched the video linked below from avid collector Helge Fyske on this machine, and that got me thinking. Technically speaking, would it have been possible to record a radio message (encrypted or not), speed up the audio by altering the pitch, thereby making the transmission unintelligible to all interception except the intended recipient? I do not recall any Allied power having similar technology to this at their disposal, although I am more than sure they would eventually figure out what is going on; how they would crack it is another story. Understandably, the practicality of this in the field should be called into question. I do have a debrief on the machine, though it does not mention its operation, more or less just its function. I linked it below too. What do you all think? ... HelgeFykse
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