FuMG 404 Jagdhaus: "Most Powerful Radar"

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FuMG 404 Jagdhaus: "Most Powerful Radar"

Post by ArmchairSamurai » 17 Jan 2021 07:24

Hello all.

I present two links on a rare German radar, claimed by some to be the "most powerful radar" fielded by Germany, operating with a peak pulse modulator power at 750 kW. Apparently, only one was ever built, or should I say completed. It was captured by the Soviets partially intact (damaged) to which the Germans were commanded to repair it and teach the Soviets how it functioned and how to operate it. Unfortunately, I cannot find any decent resolution photos of the radar to give you a better idea of what it looked like. I only know of the blurry overexposed photos from the FIAT report (1st link), which are also present on the 2nd link. If anyone had any leads on better photos, that would be appreciated. Otherwise, a fascinating case of technology.



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