german entrenching tool

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german entrenching tool

Post by gloch1 » 03 Feb 2021 16:26

Hello, i would like to ask about german entrenching tool in eastern front during world war 2. According to what were they issued? Why some soldiers carried Klappspaten and some Kleines Schanzzeug?
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Re: german entrenching tool

Post by Hans1906 » 06 Feb 2021 18:14

The german so-called german "Feldspaten":


From old (soldiers...) stories, I remember, that the field spade was also used as a so-called "close combat spade", in both world wars.
Supposedly, the sides of the spade were sharpened to wound enemies as badly as possible in close combat, or even to kill them with a single blow of the spade.
More is not known to me about it, I refrain from further speculations, I myself have never seen a sharpened old field spade, let alone, had one in my own hands...

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