Looking for Letters/Pictures etc HKAA 903 (and maybe 901, 906)

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Looking for Letters/Pictures etc HKAA 903 (and maybe 901, 906)

Post by Melax » 13 Sep 2020 17:27


maybe it might a little bit naive to ask but I guess it can't hurt (too much) to ask one way or an other... :

I am looking for any kind of letters, pictures, documents of the Heeres-Küsten-Artillerie-Abteilung (HKAA) 903 (and it's "sister units" the HKAA 901 and 906)- maybe someone of you has some Feldpost or pictures in your collections and would be willing to share?

My grandfathers cousin was the commander of HKAA 903 in Romania and Ukraine, from the creation 1April 1941 till end of 1942 so I am deeply interested in the unit and it's sisters.

1./903 stayed in the Ukraine till it's termination in August 1944, the rest of the Abteilung went in 1943 to Crete.

so if anybody has anything about the 903 (and it's sisters) it would be really great to hear about it - it would be great to get a "feeling" for the unit itself, it's history and the persons who were part of the unit.

Thanks a lot and kind regards,


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