Hermann Fegelein died in Brazil ? /papers, photos... (real or not ?)

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Hermann Fegelein died in Brazil ? /papers, photos... (real or not ?)

Post by Marina99 » 14 May 2022 15:40

Hello, I don't know if my post fit in this section, and I apologize in advance if it is the wrong place to share my reflexions.
And I apologize in advance if some sentences are incorrect, because English is not my native and current language.

I read an interview between Hans Fegelein and Walter Hirschfeld in which Fegelein told that his son, Hermann was still alive after april 1945 and that the rumor of his death is just false and he still recieved letters from him after the capitulation. ( I don't know if the mail was well deliverd at the end of the war) Source : Hunting Hitler : new scientific evidence that Hitler escaped. I don't know if it's true or if this is just the denial of the death of his son.

Linked to this, I recently found on the Internet some documents written in Portuguese and Spanish which claim that Hermann Fegelein (Eva Braun's brother in law) died in south Amerika. (Photos and documents below (false or real ?)) and I wanted to share them with you to know what you think of this.

First the picture which appears on this page :

https://www.cartacapital.com.br/politic ... pitais-12/

if you compare it to this photo :


the face match with Fegelein's but the lips are thiner and the nose seems shorter than his and facial shapes and features are a little bit different. ( It seems that we all have a double on Earth more or less ressembling, maybe it's the case here)

I hope you can have acces to these documents and translate them and perhaps help me to detect the true from the false (if these documents are verified, and if the press/government's wishes to find important nazi corpses does not make them paranoid : )

https://www.cartacapital.com.br/carta-c ... -nazista1/

https://www.infobae.com/historias/2022/ ... -y-brasil/

In the middle of this article, we can see identity papers which mention the date of birth, the eye color and the height of the man .
This document have been edited in 1964 and the man on this photo seems to have between 35 and 45 years old (he was 34 according to the birth date on the document : 30/ 09 /1930) (I don't know if with botox or plastic surgery, a man can look 24 years younger than he is, because at this time Fegelein would have been 58 years old (30/10/1906) and it would be silly and dangerous to have a passport which a birth date which say that he was born 24 years after his real birth)
The height mentionned is 1,84m, but Fegelein seems to be shorter than this (again, I am not sure) but the writting, the day of birth (30) the different names used (Hans Ruppel, Otto Pantz and Herman Ramsauer (3 of his 4 names)) and the face (especially the mouth and the eyes) of this man, caught my attention. (But I'm still suspicious of what the journalists may say, because theses mistakes and conspiracy are current in cases of searching nazi fugitives) 

Which led me to reflect on these articles was that there is a lot of versions of Fegelein's arrest and death : many people who lived in the bunker told that he was arrested and brought back to the bunker, but Kempka told that he came on his own to the bunker. Some said that he was executed in the garden of the chancellory and others said that it was done in a cellar. I don't know what to think,

To come back to the article : Perhaps they are 2 or 3 different men whom the journalist attribute the identity of Fegelein, or this is the real one.
Please, tell me : after reading the articles, what do you think ? dellirium or true?

Best regards

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Re: Hermann Fegelein died in Brazil ? /papers, photos... (real or not ?)

Post by ManfredV » 14 May 2022 17:34

Yes, of course. He and Martin Bormann used a Reichsflugscheibe and escaped. But they stayed only for a little while in South America and then went to secret Nazi base in the Antarctic.They tried to form a new master race to conquer the world. They had 100 beautiful BDM-Girls there who were chosen by Lebensborn and came there with german atomic longe range U-Boot.
Unfortunately Hitler's frozen sperm couldn't be used because it was defrosted on the trip and unusable.
So THe Vatican helped them coming back to Germany. Fegelein became an alp keeper and zitherplayer in Bavaria and many tourist joined him because he was famous for his Brathendl. He called himself Xaver - Benedikt Vorderhintermösenstoiber and died 103 years old. HIs grave can be visited in Oberniederhintermooserfilzau near Chiemsee.

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Re: Hermann Fegelein died in Brazil ? /papers, photos... (real or not ?)

Post by Edie Spear » 21 May 2022 08:36

Rubbish, another article was posted under the same title, they mixed facts with juicy rumours (however I would like to thank the journalist for sharing Hermann's NSDAP entrance card), including the two brothers in South America while Waldemar lived his whole life after the war in Germany! Many of our fellow forum members have met him in real life. Next, I personally don't think Hermann would look like that in his 50s, he looked older than the man in the picture in his 30s already.
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