Surch for Die Wehrmacht & Deutsche Soldatenzeitung (Diep

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Surch for Die Wehrmacht & Deutsche Soldatenzeitung (Diep

Post by Kriegsberichter » 24 Nov 2002 12:22

I am looking for xerrox copy's of the following two articles. Can someone help. They are about the Dieppe battle.

published in:- Die Wehrmacht, part 3, 1942
article:- Wir waren dabei. Die Invasionsversuch von Dieppe
by:- von Bonin

published in:- Deutsche Soldatenzeitung, 8 November 1957
article:- Das erste Invasionsunternehmen
by:- Alex Buchner

If some one know more good articles or books of the Dieppe battle from the German point of view than please let me know!

Thanks in advance......

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