Himmler 1939 Card

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Himmler 1939 Card

Post by ajk74 » 15 Apr 2003 20:43

Does anyone know if the 1939 Julfest Himmler card is a printed or hand-signed autograph? I can't tell. Will try to post a pic I found.

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Post by CHRISCHA » 16 Apr 2003 08:45

This signature looks more 'inky' than other examples I have seen. This may be due to it being a signed example, and his pen was loaded with a lot of ink or of poor quality. It may be because the press was quite inky, or maybe even a poor quality signature was used as the print example.

Doesn't help much, but a couple of ideas to consider.

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Matt Gibbs
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Post by Matt Gibbs » 18 Apr 2003 07:48

The 'inkiness' could be easily due to the quality of the paper used..?
As anyone who uses an ink pen will know the ampiunt of 'bleed' or spread of the ink in the papaer is directly related to the amount if ink used and also the quality of the paper, a heavyweight glossy paper will hardly bleed at all wereas a rough poor flimsy paper might bleed quite a lot.
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Max Williams
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Himmler card

Post by Max Williams » 03 May 2003 17:58

Without a doubt, this looks printed. Himmler would not use cheap paper (excessive feathering) or a cheap pen to send personal greetings. The greetings wording is also very basic. I'd even have doubts about the contemporary date of this piece. Sorry to be negative.

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Ben Fanjoy
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Post by Ben Fanjoy » 08 May 2003 18:34

I belive I saw this same item on E-scam, uh, I mean E-bay... :?

If I can find the link I will post it.

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