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Help on Book

Post by Thuringen » 02 May 2002 03:27

I have just recieved a book dated 6 Mai 1940 from
NORLAND-VERLAG / BERLIN written by Matthes Ziegler.
It is 11.5cm X 18cm and on the front has a Crossed Sword and Torch with a branch of Oak leaves underneath.
It is my belief that it's the Hitlers Soldiers Book issued to members of the Wehrmacht / SS.
On the Title page it has written
SOLDATENGLAUBE (soldier-believes) SOLDATENEHRE (soldier-honours)
Ein deutsches Bre?ier fur Hitler-Soldaten(In German ? for Hitlers Soldiers)

Throughout the book it has chapters that have obviously been written by prominent members of the Reich:
Heinrich Himmler
Heinrich Spitta
Alfred Rosenberg
Eberhard Wolfgang Möller
Rudolf Hess
Baldur Von Schirach
Hans Baumann
Herman Göring
Herybert Menzel
Robert Ley and
Adolf Hitler

It also has the:
der eid des SS = rekruten (the oath of the recruit)
der eid des deutschen soldaten (the oath of the German Soldier)

Any thoughts on the book would be greatly appreciated.
I will post images of it soon.

Regards Mick

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Post by rkoy » 02 May 2002 14:02

mick that sounds interesting, iwould likr to know myself what that is! somebodys got to know!...rodney

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