Paper conservation.

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Matt Gibbs
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Paper conservation.

Post by Matt Gibbs » 08 May 2003 23:53

Anyone got any ideas on paper conservation..?
I have a copy of a rare newspaper and would like to take some action to preserve it for the future, along the fold it is quite fragile and little bits have gone missing obviously over the years, it is stored flat in acid free plastic sheet at the mement and in the dark but I was wondering if I could somehow get it sealed or something..? I might have to have it sandwiched between a couple of sheets of glass or something.? Any ideas out there.? Obviously I don't want to just laminate it!
Matt Gibbs

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Post by Darcy » 09 May 2003 21:05

Matt,paper is one tough nut at times.I myself keep most of my documents between sheets of acid free matting.Paper is made in so many ways that some of the paper will last 100's of years.Yet pulp type paper will decay in 50 years.Newspapers are the worst.
The best advice even the"experts give is what I'm sure you have heard before......keep away from sunlight,moisture and oxidization.

Wished I could have helped more.

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