Railroad map Frankreich 1943

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Railroad map Frankreich 1943

Post by arneken » 11 Mar 2017 18:36

Hey Guys!

A few years ago my Grandfather passed away. After cleaning up his house we , the children and grandchildren, divided his goods between us. Since i'm kinda the "Worldwar-guy" in the family. I inherited some stuff:

A Belgian civilian gasmask with german filter
A piece of a rusty bayonet
some German Marks
and a German Throat communicator

A Nice catch and it only enlarges the mistery we have involving the part of my grandfather in the second world war. We know that he was called up as a labourer for Operation Todt 'cause he was an architect. Since he didn't want to be associated with the occupation force, he fled several times. Eventually he ended up in a Labour Camp in Germany together with a lot of Russians and Poles. He never talked about it but we've found some photographs hidden after his death and he had a Russian tattoo on his arm.

Anyhow in every family there is always a shady uncle and sadly i've got one as well. He himself passed away a couple of weeks ago and in the clean-up in his house, we again discovered some "lost" artifacts we've couldn't found after the clean-up at my grandfathers. Interesting to me and you is the next bit. Since i'm already the "world war guy", i've got a message from my aunth she found another ww-artifact hidden beneath several leaflets.

NOw I'm not quite sure what to think of it, since i've haven't had the pleasure of touching it real life yet, but i'm quite excited about this. I've linked two attachments to this post concerning a German railroad map of France from the year 1943. Since my Grandfather was active as a labourer (we don't know when he got into that camp) it seems logical to me that he most have had a part of a construction of an railroad somewhere.

I'm just guessing her guys, but this is quite exiting to me.

Hopefully you'll be able to help me out bit.
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